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WF32 Documentation error


This is not so much a question as an observation. The pin assignments for the chipKIT boards can be the source of considerable confusion. With respect to the WF32, the on-board LEDs are labeled in the reference manual as LED3 through LED6. Normally the file "mpide\hardware\pic32\variants\WF32\Boards_Defs.h" maps these pins to chipKIT PIN_LED4 through LED1 (note the reverse order). To further add to the confusion, the WF32 Reference Manual incorrectly states on page 7, "In addition to the connector pin, Pin 13 also connects to the user LED LD3". The connection should be LED LD6 as correctly stated in Section 10.7 on page 12, The Pinout Table on pages 14 also correctly associates chipKIT Pin 13 with LD6. 

I revised my version of the Boards_DEF.h under the WF32 definitions to add the following define statements so the LD designations match thoes on the WF32 documentation:

// #define    PIN_LED3    48 - redefined below
// #define    PIN_LED4    47 - redefined below

/* WF32 board LED lables */

#define    PIN_LED6    13    
#define    PIN_LED5    43    
#define    PIN_LED4    48    
#define    PIN_LED3    47    


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Hi Flyline,

You are completely right, those pins should be defined as you determined in the board defs file. I have corrected the WF32 reference manual that is available on our wiki here; I'll also request that the reference manual (in pdf) form is also updated to reflect these changes.

As for the board defs file, I personally don't have any control over that, but I will make mention of this to our chipKIT guy and see if he can appropriately update them.

Thank you for the feedback!


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