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JTAG HS3 connector issues


We are currently using the Digilent JTAG HS3 cable.  Our setup does not allow enough room for the module without using a right angle connector from our FPGA board which has a 2x7 pin header.  On the other end we have a Motherboard with a 4 pin USB header. 

I'm looking for advice thoughts on a simple solution to go from a our FPGA board with the 2x7 pin header which has little vertical space (so need a right angle connection) to the Motherboard 4 pin USB header.

Maybe this can't be done with a single cable?  Maybe it needs to be several separate parts (i.e., right angle connector + JTAG HS3 + USB cable)?

Thank you!

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Hi Jason,

I'm thinking the last suggestion you had with the right angle connector, JTAG HS3, and USB cable may be your best option. I'm not aware any other single-item solutions that will meet your needs. You may be able to find some ribbon cable with a right angle header to give you some more reach in terms of distance, but Digilent doesn't offer a cable like that, at least as far as I am aware.

Good luck!


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I think it would be very good if Digilent did offer ribbon cables for the HSx Xilinx download cables.  In there present configuration with the hard right angle connection to the target FPGA board connector the chance of damaging something is very high, the connection is structurally weak and at the same time very exposed.  How many boards have been trashed because of damage caused by this connection setup?  I will bet, MANY!  

It is time to stop building in a reliability problem and start offering a stress reducing ribbon cable as part of the standard kit.




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