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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I am fairly new to the creation of IPs using Vivado HLS. For the current project that I am working on I have been tinkering with a Linux OS that I installed on ZYBO Zynq Z-7010 AP Soc. The board has a very modest resources and compared to other high end boards. I have installed Xillinux an operating system that makes it possible to communicated using device files that are located in /dev/ folder named as xillybus_read_* and xillybus_write_* . I have created an IP using Vivado HLS that would carry a 2D convolution. When I run the c_simulation through Vivado hls it gives me the desired output but when I run the same through a program created on the host OS that is supposed to communicate with the PL it does not return a desired output or anywhere near it. I am attaching the IP core file, testbench file created in Vivado HLS and the C++ program running on the PS for communicating with the IP. Thank you in advance. core.cpp tb_core.cpp coprocessing.cpp
  2. Hi, I am using Vivado Design Suite 2017.2 and have installed the board definitions files for the Zybo development board. From the silk screen the board is marked as Rev B. When I create a new project in Vivaldo, for Default Part, I select the zybo-z7-10 since the board uses a Z-7010 device. In am able to follow through the Getting Started with Zynq tutorial on the Digilent web site. However, the hello world program does not output any text to the terminal. If in Vivado I double click the Zynq7 IP I notice that in Clock Configuration|Basic Clocking I see that Input Frequency (MHz) is set to 33.333333. According to the schematic for the Zybo the PS clock frequency is 50MHz. Next I re-create the Vivado project but this time I set the Default Part to Zybo. If I now double click the Zynq7 IP I see in Clock Configuration|Basic Clocking that the Input Frequency (MHz) is now 50. I now get the expected hello world output also. Which Default part should I be using for my Zybo board? Also I have done some silimar work for a ultrazed-eg board, where only the PS part was used. In this case I did not need to downlolad the bitstream. But in order for the Zybo project to work with the switches, push buttons and LEDs it needed the bitstream downloaded before it would work. Why is there a difference between the two boards? Regards FarmerJo