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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Digilent I have a project working with the Zybo Z7-10 board for an embedded PLNX application. First step was to re-create the baseline project (hello world) to get the tool chains in place. We worked with the project and BSP noted below to start with something that works. However there were issues as PLNX didnt come up clean so this is a sanity check first to confirm the starting point. So my question is this the correct project and BSP to get the hello world demo going? If not please provide a link to a complete project for the hello world demo. I used Vivado 2017.4 with the Zybo Z7-10-base-linux and the Zybo Z7-10 Petalinux BSP Project . Zybo Z7-10 Petalinux BSP Project is located here: which points to this Vivado project:
  2. First time user of a ZYNQ for a defense contractor.
  3. Hello, I have a question about audio. I've already asked about the issue. Another question is "Known Issues" of the BSP provided in "github". ( What does "Audio is currently completely non-functional" mean in "Known Issues"? Does "Zybo Z7-10" mean it is impossible to run audio properly? Do you provide a BSP that solves this problem? We did not have to buy the "Zybo Z7-10" if Audio was not supported. I would appreciate your help in more depth. Regards, Namio