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Found 6 results

  1. Pujith Krishna

    FPGA Initialization failed

    getting a error while i am trying to program FPGA (zybo) with Pmod:ACL in Xilinx sdk.
  2. I am fighting to get any one of 5 different simple ZYBO demos to work. At all. I can download bitfiles with my own Verilog code and blink, or scan, or pulsate the LEDs, and get behaviour changes based on buttons and switches ... so I know the board works, but nothing I do with the with the processor core (PS block) works. I am here looking for information on how to get some kind of information out of the board so I can figure out what's going on. The demo I am working on now is this one: It does not ask for a Debug Configuration, or a Run Configuration, ... just the Run as -> Launch on hardware. There is a terminal setup at the end of that tutorial. Frankly I don't know why a separate console is needed since SDK has a "Console" and an "SDK Terminal". Nonetheless, I tried 'screen' and putty as others recommended, then minicom as well ... all I ever see is a blank screen. I don't know what I should expect to see really. I followed the tutorial to the letter. The only indication I get that things are connected at all is that with screen and putty, when I hit any key, I see ZYBO's TX LED flash once. I am running Ubuntu 16.04 and Vivado 2016.4. I have lots of Xilinx experience, but all command line and not with SDK (so telling me "It's just like ISE but ..." will make me cry. I just want something out of the console. Smoke would be nice. If it helps, I do see this in XSCT Console: Downloading Program -- /-----/projects/zybo/ZYBO_getting_started/ZYBO_getting_started.sdk/getting_started_with_ZYBO2/Debug/getting_started_with_ZYBO2.elf section, .text: 0x00100000 - 0x00102467 section, .init: 0x00102468 - 0x0010247f section, .fini: 0x00102480 - 0x00102497 section, .rodata: 0x00102498 - 0x0010263b section, .data: 0x00102640 - 0x00102adb section, .eh_frame: 0x00102adc - 0x00102adf section, .mmu_tbl: 0x00104000 - 0x00107fff section, .init_array: 0x00108000 - 0x00108003 section, .fini_array: 0x00108004 - 0x00108007 section, .bss: 0x00108008 - 0x00108037 section, .heap: 0x00108038 - 0x0010a03f section, .stack: 0x0010a040 - 0x0010d83f 100% 0MB 0.5MB/s 00:00 Setting PC to Program Start Address 0x00100000 Successfully downloaded /-----/projects/zybo/ZYBO_getting_started/ZYBO_getting_started.sdk/getting_started_with_ZYBO2/Debug/getting_started_with_ZYBO2.elf Info: ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore #0 (target 2) Running So it's "running", there is no debug config, and the Hello World demo says I should see: > The demo will be running on the ZYBO. Try playing around with the 4 switches (labeled SW0-SW3). Doing so should light its respective LED. Also over the serial port, pressing each button (labeled BTN0-BTN3) will produce the message “button x pressed”. Any suggestions appreciated. What do I do? Create a debug config for this and try again? GogMagog
  3. I have an error trying to Program FPGA or launch program(Run/Debug) by Xilinx SDK on ZedBoard (through J17 USB-JTAG) with connected Analog Discovery 2 to the same laptop. I noticed that Analog Discover 2 USB interface and ZedBoard’s USB-JTAG (J17) have the same hardware id VID/PID. So the issue can be caused by that. Using Vivado: Program and Debug->Open Hardware Manager-> Open Target I can select correct USB interface and can program FPGA. In SDK I have an error listed below. Is there are any way to recognize hardware target in SDK and configure hardware server by some additional info (Device instance path(exmpl: USB\VID_0403&PID_6014\210248782835), TID, UID(Hardware target properties in Vivado HW manager)) to be able Program FPGA or launch program? Is there any other way to handle this USB conflict. Vivado rev 2014.3.1 Errors: 1) FPGA Configuration failed.Connection to Board Failed Failed to open Cable Node jsn-Analog Discovery 2-210321A3689C on TCP: 2) Unexpected error while launching program. com.xilinx.sdk.targetmanager.TMException: Connection to Board Failed Failed to open Cable Node jsn-Analog Discovery 2-210321A3689C on TCP: at com.xilinx.sdk.targetmanager.internal.TM.isFPGAConfigured( at com.xilinx.sdk.debug.core.XilinxAppLaunchConfigurationDelegate.isFpgaConfigured( at com.xilinx.sdk.debug.core.XilinxAppLaunchConfigurationDelegate.launch( at com.xilinx.sdk.debug.ui.XilinxAppLaunchDelegateWrapper.launch(
  4. Mehdim

    using third party C++ Library

    Hello all tech-lovers; Do any of you guys have experience using Eigen library ( in bared metal OS ? When I try to define a matrix like : xil_printf(" TP CC 0 \r\n "); MatrixXd m1(6,6); MatrixXd m1_inv(6,6); xil_printf(" TP CC 1 \r\n "); the program is compiled and built, but when running it on the board, it HALT happens! I saw the assembly code of the line that exception happens, it is 0010da80: ldr r0, [r0] in which r0= 3758100524 I think the halt is because of referring to the address( decimal: 3758100524, Hex: E000102C )which is out of range of the address bus of Zybo! However this code works fine on PC ( X86) But I don’t know why my c codes convert to this assembly code. I would appreciate if any of you guys have any hint or experience on that.
  5. Mehdim

    AXI performance monitor

    Hello; have any of you guys had any experience with axi_perf_mon IP core? can you refer me to a help or tutorial of it?
  6. Mehdim

    reading program counter in Xilinx SDK

    Hello everyone; I am using Zybo board with standalone OS using Xilinx SDK. I wonder to know if there is any library or board support package that I can get the value of PC (Program Counter). The reason I am looking for that, is that I want to measure how much clock cycle does a portion of my code take (by calculating difference between PCs at two test points of the code). Appreciate your comments.