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Found 1 result

  1. I've got an Arty Z7-20 board. It's powered by an external wall-wart (USB power isn't enough). I cloned the git repo from here: Then I copied the BOOT.bin and images.ub files from Arty-Z7-20/pre-built/linux/images/ onto a microSD card. Plugged the microSD card into the Arty slot, powered on the board. PuTTY is connected on COM10, I see the boot spew and get to a prompt. Login as root/root. I see that the dropbear SSH server is started, so I scp my .bit file over. Then I want to reconfigure the PL with my own bit file cat mydesign.bit > /dev/xdevcfg cat: write error: Connection timed out There's mention of this being a known bug in the 2017.3 version of the Petalinux tools on the Xilinx forums here: It seems like this may have also affected the 2017.2 version that was used to build the pre-build images in the Digilent repo?. Xilinx confirmed in that forum post that the issue with /dev/xdevcfg is fixed in 2017.4. Since the pre-built images for the ArtyZ7-20 board don't work, I'm trying to set up the Petalinux tools to build my own, but have been unsuccessful so far. What are the chances that Digilent will release pre-built images based on Petalinux 2017.4 with the xdevcfg fix?