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Found 21 results

  1. First, I'm using Cygwin on a Windows 10 platform to compile and run a utility program that loads a bit file into the serial Flash PROM of a CmodS6 board. The SDK version is Windows v2.4.2, using lib64. The source code is not my own, but comes from - and the specific program is zipload.exe Under Cygwin, all the source code compiles properly. When it is run, a call is made to DmgrEnumDevices() to enumerate any Digilent boards found. Even though the CmodS6 is connected to the PC with USB, it is not enumerated, DmgrEnumDevices() returns 0. Note: The Digilent utility djtgcfg.exe is able to enumerate the board, initialize, and also configure the Spartan 6. After the failure to enumerate, a call is made to DmgrSzFromErc() and the error code and information is printed to the screen --- [email protected]_PC /cygdrive/c/Users/Victor/Documents/Sky Engineering/FPGA_Project/ZipLoad $ ./zipload Top_Level.bit No CModS6 devices found ErrCode(3080): ercInternalError ErrMessage: Internal error. Segmentation fault (core dumped) Is there any particular way I have to setup the SDK, other than making sure make can find the include and library files? I will greatly appreciate any help you can give me. Vic deppi.cpp
  2. Hello, My Windows 10 system will not correctly install drivers for the WiFire board. (See my related post here) How can I get the drivers so that I can install them manually? Thanks, John
  3. We have recently purchased a JTAG-SMT2 board in substitution of a JTAG-HS2 cable, in order to program a Microzed board with Xilinx Vivado. The same Windows machine that was working with JTAG-HS2 now recognizes the new device JTAG-SMT2 as "USB Serial Converter". We have tried some solutions in other forums, as using FTDIconfig, with no success. What is remarkable is that, when plugging the device, Windows 1st finds a "Digilent USB device", but then automatically installs a driver and it is converted into "USB Serial Converter".
  4. The installer can be launched in silent mode form command prompt or batch script: > digilent.waveforms_v2.7.5.exe /S /AllUsers In order to use the local version of requirements, have these setups in a directory named "Kit" next to the installer: - WindowsInstaller - VC runtime 9 (2008) x86 SP1 + MFC update -VC runtime 9 (2008) x64 SP1 + MFC update - .NET 3.5 + SP1 Command line argument: /S - Silent mode installation without GUI. The driver installation might ask for allowance. /NCRC - Disable CRC check. /CurrentUser|AllUsers - Create shortcuts for current user or for all users. Only available on first install, when no other Digilent Software is installed. /QuickLaunch - Create Quick Launch shortcut only for Windows XP. /LogFile="log file" - The installer will append the installation log file to this. The log file must exist. /D=path to install - Install directory. It must be the last parameter used in the command line and must not contain any quotes, even if the path contains spaces. Only absolute paths are supported.
  5. Hi, I am looking to implement the use of Ethernet port of the Zybo board without Zynq PS. I am using Windows OS and Vivado 2017.2. I have already implemented the Iwip echo server project. Is there any suggestions or guideline about the use of Ethernet port on Zybo without Zynq PS? Thank you in advance. BR ALI
  6. Hi, I am using windows OS and want to know the use of USB port on Zybo board. I have no idea how it works. Can I able to implement using verilog or I must need Zynq processor? I appreciate if anyone have sample project which will describe the use of USB port using zybo board on windows OS. BR ALI
  7. I was unable to run Waveforms and connect to my Analog Discovery 2 using my Windows 10 laptop that only had 4 Gigs of memory and was a little slow so I bought a new HP with an upgraded processor and 8 Gigs, but I am still unable to connect when I ran Waveforms. I can run my AD2 on my Windows desktop but not either of my laptops. I tried different cables including the one that works with the desktop and tried running it with an external 5V power supply but nothing. I should not say nothing, Waveforms seems to know when I am trying to connect because it comes up in Discovery 2 DEMO mode. Also, I see no USB device when I go to device manager. I tried to get it to stop DEMO mode in the hope of getting it to search again without exiting the program, but when it restarts, I am once again met with no device found window . My old laptop was a little better. If I would start the program with the AD2 disconnected click OK on the no device found window then plug in the AD2, sometimes the program wouild see the AD2. But after running a while it would lock up. That is why I thought it needed more memory. The device is of little value if I cannot run it on my laptop.
  8. Hi, In the Protocol tool, the UART tab The ´Receive to File´ and ´Save´ button generate a windows error by me. Thanks in advance, Hans
  9. Hi, I am new at this area. My current project required to know the use of HDMI and VGA port of Zybo board. As a starting point I got a sample demo project( by digilent but that was done in Vivado 2016.4. I am working on Vivado 2017.2 windows PC. I successfully convert that project in current version and able to generate Bit stream successfully. The problem is when I lunch SDK, it gives me errors. Can anyone help me? Or can anyone gives me some simple project which from where I can get idea about how to use HDMI and VGA port? Thanks.
  10. Hi, I was successfully running my AD2 using WaveForms in mac, and also on a virtual Windows 10 machine on the same MacBook Pro (through Parallels). I didn't change anything that I know of, but now I get an "ERC: 0x2" error trying to initialize the device in windows, yet perfect performance in mac. (I'm ensuring that the device is appearing properly in windows through the parallels USB switching function) Has anyone seen this before? any ideas? Thanks, Ian
  11. I was rewriting the wrong FT232H-ROM in FT_Prog. Is it possible to repair?
  12. After some research and homework I came to know that digilent also provide different DCAP or APT dlls, for Software development in windows, along with very small demo projects in VC++ for every APT and the reference manuals, they all comprise to make "Digilent Adept SDK". So I quickly opened the DACI(UART) demo in Visual Studio 2015, in order to communicate with my board over UART, I was able to implement Device Table and get the device name string, I also managed to open the device using DmgrOpen() Funtion and got a interface handle, but i can't seem to get the DaciEnable() to work, and using the DmgrGetLastError tells me that the device(Nexys4-DDR) is not supported for DACI, which is very improbable. Then in hopes of troubleshooting the problem, I check for DmgrGetDtpCount() and I get the value '1', which I think means that there's one way to communicate with the device(which is not very informative), then I try DaciGetPortCount() which returns the value '0' to the pointer variable, which I think implies that there are NO DACI ports, :(. But I can see that while debugging the code, during the DmgrOpen() Function call, VS loads two FTDI dlls, I'm stuck here for a while now. And I hope that this question interests the experts at Digilent Forums, for I think they can see through this problem easily. And I attached the cpp file, which I'm working on. Thanks a lot !! DaciDemo_modified.cpp
  13. shingo

    drivers needed for BASYS3

    Are there any special drivers one needs to download/install to get the BASYS3 board recognized by Windows7 64 bit? The board powers up and can run the shipping demos but my Windows 7 machine doesn't find the board anywhere in device manager and Vivado 14.4 cannot connect to the board. I can go so far as generating the bitstream but when I try to AutoConnect to target it gives this warning (which seems like it should be an error). I have checked all of the usual suspects that I could think of: multiple USB ports, reboot Windoze, open and close Vivado, verify jumpers are set correctly, using a known good microUSB cable, but still Vivado does not find my BASYS3. WARNING: [Labtoolstcl 44-26] No hardware targets exist on the server [localhost]Check to make sure the cable targets connected to this machine are properly connectedand powered up, then use the disconnect_hw_server and connect_hw_server commandsto re-register the hardware targets. Thank you.
  14. jmh

    Basys3 crashing windows 7

    Often windows7 crashes with the blue screen when I turn off the power switch of the Basys3. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks, John
  15. hi, my pc unknown the device, I reinstalled the program and the driver without good results. in the device administrator out unknown device help me please
  16. I want to do a matrix multiplication using an Atlys Spartan-6 xc6slx45,I connect 4 microblazes and I want to add a Noc,but I need a design tool for a Noc.I didn't find any one which is compatible with windows because I use xilinx ISE 14.7.can any one has an idea about that??
  17. I have had the BASYS 2 board for some time and just got BASYS 3. Using both at same time. Problem is that after I installed Vivado 2014.4 and installed license, now ISE Design Suite 14.7 will not generate a bit file for my BASYS 2. It seems to be aware that I have the BASYS 3, but forgot about my BASYS 2. Not sure if I did something wrong when I aquired the new license, some how disabled old license, or if this is a real issue that the two softwares do not live well together. Attached the error that I see. This is on Windows 8.1. Seems that both softwares are using C:.Xilinx/Xilinx.lic when looking for license. Could older license have been overwritten? Your help would be appreciated. Thanks a lot. map_license_problem.txt
  18. nia

    Nexys 4 Programming

    Greetings, I'm trying to get a Nexys board working on my setup {Windows 7, Xilinx ISE 12.3, Adept 2.2}, and been having some issues so far. Mainly with getting the board recognized. I first wanted to confirm whether Nexys 4 is actually supported by Adept? I re ad in another forum that it is not. I tried also to get the tool recognized by Xilinx iMPACT. I downloaded the Digilent Xilinx Plugin and installed it inline with the instructions. But iMPACT seems not to recognize the Digilent Cable Plugin. Whenever I try to connect, I get the following error ERROR: Could not open plug-in of then type: digilent_plugin. Please check to make sure the correct plug-in for this type is installed. Would really appreciate your help with the issues above. Thanks,
  19. pismo

    Basys3 Simulation

    I am using Windows XP and Vivado 2014.2 webPack. I follow this tutorial: It is little bit old. But I succeed to fix what needed (for example to create suitable xdc instead of ucf), and compile successfully (it generate bitstream file). My question is as follow. I have basys3 board, but as first step I want to make some simulations only on computer. For example I want (virtually) to press user switches, and look at (virtual) led. With what software I can do this?
  20. Hi I have a question from one of our customers: Please can you tell me what the system requirements are for a Windows PC to use Analog Discovery? Does it require USB 3.0 to meet the published specifications? Can anyone answer this?