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Found 15 results

  1. I have several WF32 boards - I need to give the MAC address to the "Masters of the Wireless" at our Company... How does one use DEIPcK/DEWFcK to find the IP (I am using Arduino 1.8.8 with the ChipKit Core 1.0.3) - I cant find any documentation. Thanks Bill
  2. I need to archive data from a serial eeprom to the sd card on the WF32. My problem is that I can't find a sample sketch that uses the WF32 on-board SD card for user data storage and retrieval. There was an Instructable for using the WF32 as a Web Server. The use of the SD card was embedded somewhere. I never could find it. Help will be very much appreciated.
  3. Hello! I'm new to chipKit development but need to build a project on this platform and hope somebody can suggest some tools and libraries to help me. I have a WF32 board that I am connecting to my Macintosh. On this board, I need to create a user interface that displays data to the user on a tablet and communicates this data to the tablet over the on board wifi interface. I would like to use this wifi interface to communicate a data file to a base station and eventually over a cellular connection back to a server over the internet. I have scanned the projects on the digilentin
  4. I have had a WF32 for quite a while now and it has always worked well together with the Diligent libraries - an excellent product. However, I have just tried to run the MPLABX Harmony webserver example and it does not work. It seems that the version 307 firmware (dated 2012) on my MRF24WG0MA wifi adapter is incompatible with the harmony stack. Does anyone know how to update the MRF24WG0MA on a WF32 to version 310, which I believe does work with the Harmony stack?
  5. Flyline


    I have attached a PmodMTDS touch screen display to a WF32 using JC of a chipKit PmodUNO Shield. Out of the box Demos 1,2,4,5,6,and 7 work as explained in the software comments in the sketch ino files. However MtdsDemo3 repeadedly reports "mtds.begin() failed". After changing line 128 from fStat = mtds.begin(pinMtdsSelStd, 12000000); to fStat = mtds.begin(pinMtdsSelStd, frqMtdsSpiDefault);, the sketch runs as expected. I find that the default SPI bit rate parameter for the PIC32MX and PIC32MZ is set to 3500000 in the library file "mtdsHal.h". My assumption is that the parameter SPI bit rat
  6. I just want to check if it possible for chipkit wf32 to communicate to mysql. For example, inserting data from the sensors that connected to the chipkit and send the latest data to mysql database.
  7. I just received a new WF32 and I'm excited to hit the ground running... if I could get to Hello World. I'm using Arduino IDEs for several AVR boards, Edison, etc. and they're working fine on this system (MacBookPro w/ 10.9.5), so I'm comfortable that system, drivers, cables, etc. are OK. I'm using MPIDE 0150. Board and serial port are set. The board is acting like it doesn't have a boot loader. How should it normally behave on power-up from factory, or on reset? On power-up, I see 2 strong TX/RX pulse cycles on LD1/2, then nothing. Trying to load a sketch sees an occasional weak puls
  8. I have a full suite of LabView already, can I use it instead of the "Home Bundle"? Also, will PID VIs work on the WF32? And can it communicate with I2C based temperature sensors?
  9. Hi -- I have a WF32. I can get it connected and do point to point UDP just fine. I need to receive a multicast UDP stream from a PC. I got this working on a WiFi Flyport ( but the PIC was underpowered... Does DNETcK/DWIFIcK support multicast and if so are there examples available?? Thanks Bill
  10. Hello, View month ago I bought Chipkit WF32 and National Instruments USB6008. I use Labview Maker Hub for programming. Now I want to combine both, WF32 and USB6008 via USB-Port of WF32. I wanted to use the USB as Host and connectet the WF32 to external power supply. I also connected JP9 and JP11 (both) with shorting blocks. The WF32 was also connected to the wlan to comunicate with my lapttop. But it didn't work. Normally the Power LED of USB6008 is running after connection with my laptop. After conne tion with WF32 there isn't any reaktion of the USB6008. I read that there a usb lib
  11. As I work with the chipKIT WF32 and the WiFIre, I find that making external connections to these processor boards is not as convenient as they are for the chipKIT Pro MX7 that has Pmod connectors JA through JF. Additionally there are limited pins for taking 3.3V/5V and ground off board. I can only assume that these chipKIT boards were always intended to be used with a shield of some sort. If Digilent makes IO shields specifically for the WF32 and WiFire, please advise. Meanwhile, I find the the Pmod Shield-Uno can be used to provide standard Pmod connections provided a few modification
  12. Hi, I am using a ChipKit WF32. Works great with the MPIDE. but when I try to compile with the Arduino ad in for Visual Studio, which I have configured to use MPIDE core. I keep getting this error: ld.exe:cannot open linker script file C:\Program Files (x86)\mpide-0150\hardware\pic32\cores\pic32\chipKIT-application-32MX695F512.ld: Invalid argument. When I look at this directory, this is a partial listing: 2015-10-31 03:59 PM 75 Arduino.h 2015-10-31 03:59 PM <DIR> avr 2015-10-31 03:59 PM 10,894 binary.h 2015-10-31 03:59 PM 8,097 chipKIT-application-32MX120F032-nobootloader.ld 2015-10-31 03
  13. Hello, I just got a WF32 chipKit board. I want to start out with performing a simple tcp client HTTP get request. Something like have the board do a request for "" just to see the request show up in my server logs. All of the examples I have found are using the WF32 as a web server, not as a client. Does anyone have code or a link to code that shows how to do a simple client http request like this? Thanks!
  14. The chipKIT Uno32 boards based on the PIC32MX320F128 has two link scripts: chipKIT-application-32MX250F128.ld for upload through USB, and chipKIT-application-32MX320F128-nobootloader.ld for use with chipKIT PGM. Where to find or how to develop the same nobootloader.ld for more recent chipKIT boards, including Wi-FIRE PIC32MZ2048ECG uC32 PIC32MX340F512H DP32 PIC32MX250F128B Thanks!
  15. My first time trying out a chipkit.. so I'm a newbie. I have a USB cable from the PC to the USB port on the WF32 and there doesn't seem to be any life at all. Should I expect at least one LED to light up? No serial port detected either..