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Found 16 results

  1. I want to output a stereo Signal on wavegen. W1 is working as expected but W2 gives no Signal on oscilloscope. The hardware is tested with Waveform tool and it is fine. I can output two different custom signals on W1 and W2. The SDK is up to date. I assume to have a fault in initialisation of the channels. See the code is in the attachment. The problem is in play_Digilent() method. A working example to output a custom signal on both channels would be very helpful.
  2. Hello. I have been using the Analog Discovery 1 (legacy version) as a portable oscilloscope and function generator. I am using the Wavegen as a function generator to test an analog front end (AFE) which includes an integrated instrumentation amplifier and an ADC ( Trying to characterise the performance of the AFE, I used the Analog Discovery's function generator to generate sine waves of different amplitudes (between 1mV and 100 mV pk-pk) and frequencies (between 40 and 200 Hz, in steps of 40 Hz). The gain of the instrumentation amplifier is fixed at 3.5
  3. I am finding that if I set the sweep time to anything over about 20ms, the sweep winds up corrupted. Have updated to current (3.12.2, 64-bit) - no change. Please advise.
  4. I recently tried to calibrate my AD2 and ran into some issues when I reached W2 gains. I read on my personal DMM 5 volts when it should have been 1 or 0. I then applied the wave to my oscilloscope and even the oscilloscope of the AD2. It was a static 5 volts no matter what wave I changed it to be. I tried using the fly wires to see if my breakout board was faulty, but it seems that my AD2’s wavegen 2 does not work. I was wondering if there was something that I could do to fix this or contact digilent themselves. Thank you in advanced!
  5. Hi. I am a complete novice to Waveforms and have just installed in DEMO mode on my MacPro (2013). The installation went perfectly and I opened up the Waveform generator (Wavegen), confirmed a 1kHz sine wave and looked around Waveforms for a way to output this to my Rigol DS1054Z. Then, I tried all the options in preferences and at the bottom of the graphical display; but I could not get the signal I generated (any sound) on my speakers (to confirm it was working as expected) before sending the signal to my external RIGOL scope. I did a quick search on the net and could
  6. Hi Guys, I'm new to the AD2 & Waveforms, and in the need of some help. I'm trying to import a csv file into a custom wavegen and then output it. Here is my code: if(!('Wavegen1' in this)||!('Scope1' in this))throw"Please open a Scope and a Wavegen instrument"; var filename = "/Users/PaulBritten/Documents/AFWorkMain/AFWork/Waveform/single_qrst_improved_twave_1khz.csv"; var file = File(filename); print("exists? " + file.exists()); var arr = file.readArray(); print(arr); Wavegen1.Channel1.Mode.text = "Custom"; Wavegen1.Channel1.Custom.Type.set("MyWave", arr); Wavegen1.C
  7. Hello, There is a pulse width jitter caused by some kind of aliasing between various unsynchronized events. My screen capture grabs only one frame of video, but you can see it in the red persistence trace, and I can see it on my Tek scope. I discovered this while running one of the script examples, and then confirmed that it exists in all the pulse modes of the Wavegen except as follows: It is here with these "simple" settings: It is here with these "basic" settings: For my buffer setting and 1% at 5KHz the pulse width here varies from 1.870 us to 1.98 us. It sh
  8. Hi, I was using the wavegen to generate 2 sine waves and noted one weird behavior. - when I changed the amplitude of one channel the other channel also is affected (amplitude and phase) Before change (2V on each channel) After change (3V on each channel) The same behavior occurred on the last stable version and beta version (3.11.4). Thanks
  9. Hi, I'm working on a WaveForms script which would be able to generate chart with the frequency profile of a liquid. For this, I need to use a Wavegen and a Scope: first I need to set the generator to a certain frequency and then I'd like to check the power of that signal on the scope. Between the probes of the generator and the scope there will be the liquid I would like to test. I created a basic script to step from 1 Hz to 150 Hz, check that signal with the scope, repeat this loop 5 times, and calculate the min, max and average values at each frequency. Although the script w
  10. Hello again! I'm trying to use the AD2 to act as both a signal source (wavegen1) and a measurement (scope1) device for the purpose of tracking conduction delay of the signal. Currently, I simply have the wavegen1 connected directly to scope1 with 3 cycles of a sine wave being put out. I am aware of the measure command to find the maximum on my scope1 but I was wondering if there was a way to find N (3 in my case) maximums AND find the corresponding times with respect to the timing of wavegen1? I plan to assume the timing of the wavegen1 is relatively accurate to my input frequency and c
  11. I am using the Analog Discovery 2, and the latest version of WaveForms, 3.7.5, on Mac OS 10.13.3. I find that triggering the Scope on Channel 1 or Channel 2 works fine, but trying to trigger on either Wavegen channel does not give me any triggers. The same is true when trying to trigger off a pattern. The interface seems quite intuitive, but I must be missing something because I cannot get the wave form generator and the scope to synchronize, unless I trigger normally on one of the scope channels. Is there some documentation on how to do this? Thanks!
  12. Are there any example .txt and .csv files describing how to import waveforms to the wave generator ? Is it possible to import two waveforms , W1+W2 in one single comma separated csv ? Is it possible to set time-scale, sample rate etc.. in the very same csv ? I have saved from the scope and studied the resulting csv, but it doesn't work for 2 channels in the other direction. Are there corresponding example files and file definitions for the pattern generator ?
  13. For the waveform generator to be useful as a load step FET controller, I will need to control both the rise time and fall time of the same pulse. Any suggestions for most easily achieving this?
  14. Firmware: 1.37.0 Software: Waveforms Live Working waveforms: Sine, DC Waveforms that generate no output: Square, Triangle, SawtoothI have Osc1 (Orange) connected to AWG1 (Yellow). Since I get a valid DC and Sine signal I believe this wiring is validated. I've tried both auto and manual trigger. A Fluke 179 gives me equivalent readings of the Wavegen. This is not usable for my application without working Square Wave and Triangle Wave.
  15. Hello, I'm using an Analog Discovery 2 board for automated testing and I've noticed a very strange behaviour. Basically, I'm using two Wavegen DC channels for generating DC signals and recently I discovered that for some reason after a couple of days of running automated tests the output DC voltage drifts significantly (~ -25mV @ 400mV signal). After a bit of investigation I've noticed that if I run WaveForms 2015 on my development PC the output voltage is correct, but after disconnecting the USB cable and reconnecting it to my test server PC the output signal is incorrect. Both my PCs ar
  16. How can I make burst in Wavegen? I want to generate say 10 cycles of a 1kHz sine with off period of 1 sec.