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Found 7 results

  1. I've noticed some problems with openlogger and waveforms live: 1. If I try to enter a equation into the analogue channel scaling popup, I cannot enter "mV" for the units. It looks like entry is restricted to a single letter only. That is a bit limiting. Furthermore any scaling equations I enter there don't seem to be saved, so I can't reload them next time I start waveforms live 2. Under the Advanced section, if I save the profile its not there the next time I run waveforms live. Where is it saved to, and how do I retrieve a stored profile?
  2. I am currently trying to implement the related Android Application on the basis of Android phone and Digilent Nexys2 communication. Through the official website I learned that the WaveForms Live device manager enables users to add, configure, and connect to WaveForms Live compatible devices. ( And I know that Digilent Adept is a unique and powerful solution which allows you to communicate with Digilent system boards and a wide assortment of logic devices. However, I only find the libusb shared libraries that support i686 and x86-64( I want to konw the following questions: 1. Can WaveForms Live connect to Digilent Nexys2? 2. Is Digilent Nexys2 a WaveForms Live compatible device? 3. Is the Android app of WaveForms Live use the libusb shared libraries?If is,what is the CPU architecture the libusb shared libraries? 4. Is there the libusb shared libraries that support armeabi or armeabi-v7a on the official website. If is, where can I find it? If not, does this mean that the development of Android applications can only be applied to Android phones or pad that support X86 or X86-64 Can you help me!
  3. I am toying around with implementing parts of the Instrumentation Protocol on a product I'm developing. I have the web (non-local) version of waveforms live running in a browser window and connected to the Digilent Agent 1.0.1. During the initial connection process when clicking "OPEN" from the Configuration Menu page I see the website (thru the Agent) send: {"mode":"JSON"}\r\n My device then responds with: {"mode":"JSON","statusCode":0,"wait":500}\r\n The website then sends: {"device":[{"command":"enumerate"}]} please note there is no "\r\n". This seems to be an inconsistency when referencing as some commands including the trailing \r\n and some do not. If there is no terminating character for the JSON data, does anyone have a good way to key parsing of the incoming data without having to implement a full parser on every character received? Note that since I'm using the Digilent Agent, my device is connected on a USB COM port at 1250000baud, so my embedded device receives an interrupt on every character received. I have looked at the existing OpenScopeMZ firmware source code from Github and while my project is written in C vs. the OpenScopeMZ in C++, the JSON parser is a little more complicated than I want to port to my device at the moment. My goal ultimately is to have a subset of the functionality with the excellent graphical interface of waveforms live to help in the development of my product. The ability to have "o-scope" like view of analog data and "GPIO" like triggers for debugging is a dream come true.
  4. A few more info about the Learning Edition would be nice. What exactly is everything contained? Is the housing included?
  5. Hello! I'm excited to announce that Digilent has our first Kickstarter project for the OpenScope! I won't be able to give the project proper justice in describing the OpenScope and WaveForms Live, so I encourage you to check out the Kickstarter to learn more about the mission of the project. With regards to this sub forum, Digilent would like this to be a place where backers of the Kickstarter are able to ask questions and provide feedback for both the OpenScope and the browser based WaveForms Live. As such, we kindly request that only backers of the project ask questions related to the OpenScope and WaveForms Live and provide feedback related to functionality, features, and the like. Those of us involved with the project at Digilent will do our best to respond back to those questions and feedback. However, if you just have some general encouragement or other positive feedback that doesn't fall into the described request in the above paragraph that you want to post here, I personally won't feel a need to stop you Thanks! The Digilent Team
  6. Hi there, In the Kickstarter campaign it's said that the OpenScope will be "open source". Could someone from Digilent specify the licenses that the various files will be released under? In particular, the licenses for the hardware design files, the device firmware, and the Waveforms Live software? Also, will the hardware design files consist of rendered schematics only or the actual EDA design files? Thanks, Bob
  7. I find it both amusing and inspiring how quickly the Kickstarter got funded in just a few hours! Alas, where do you plan on going from here? What sorts of stretch-goals will there be, if any? I would imagine you won't be upgrading the hardware, so as not to cannibalize the market from your other products, but what else is there? Improvements to the software? Nah, those will happen eventually anyway, not a good stretch-goal. Stickers with Digilent-logo or something, like certain companies did with their Kickstarter stretch-goals? Meh, I'd rather like to see something actually useful.