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Found 16 results

  1. Hi, I would like my Scope acquisition to start when I hit "Run" on Channel 1 of my Wavegen. How do I set up this trigger? This is for Waveforms 2015. Thank you so much!
  2. I want to control Analog Discovery 2 in micro second order using Waveforms 2015. Control procedure in Waveforms 2015 is as follows, 1.Run the Wavegen and keep it for 250 microseconds. 2.Run the Scope 54 microseconds after running the Wavegen and keep it for 186 microseconds. 3.Output the Scope data of 186 microseconds. When I do this, setting of analog discovery 2 is Connect 1+ to W1 and 1- to GND. Is this possible with Waveforms 2015? Thanks.
  3. I use the NI dark theme in Waveforms 2015 (I really like it); however, the comments in scripts remain dark green and unreadable. How do I change the color setting? Let me go through what I've done so far: I change the theme in Waveforms 2015 by selecting "Settings" -> "Options" -> "Style" -> "NI". The windows look a lot better, and the black text switches to white, but the green comments and code highlighting stay the same. Its fairly difficult to read. I would prefer yellow or orange against the dark background. I suspect I can change these settings to chang
  4. I would find the tab-separated files exported by Waveforms 2015 much more valuable if they contained more metadata (not just the time and the serial number). I'd particularly like to know all the settings of the scope and the waveform generator, as well as any custom settings (like math formulas used for math channels). It would also be good to have a user editable "notes" field for recording any external information about the experiment that is not otherwise recordable (except in the filename). The metadata does not need to be machine-readable—in fact, I'd prefer all the metada
  5. Hi, I am trying to install Waveforms on an ARM64 processor. However, the only download available for ARM processor is ARMHF. Is there a way to install the ARMHF package on an ARM64 processor ? Thank you.
  6. In Waveforms 2015 3.6.8 on a Mac OS 10.11.6 with an Analog Discovery 2, I am not able to get the SPI sensor scripts to work. I'm having no trouble with Master or Custom scripts, but with the Sensor scripts the ReadWrite() commands always return an array of zeros, even if I'm not in Debug mode. (I tried starting from a fresh run of Waveforms, to make sure that the debug setting was not just being excessively sticky.) Can anyone else duplicate this behavior? Or is it just me? Incidentally, the documentation for the protocol instrument and the scripts is woefully inadequate—I had to
  7. In Waveforms 2015, is it possible to set up a wave in the AWG to be triggered by every other pulse in the scope? I'm currently trying to use a 10 Hz external pulse connected to the Analog Discovery's scope as the trigger for a 5 Hz waveform from the AWG, but I need to have the event trigger only once the 5 Hz waveform has finished one pulse. Effectively, I'm putting together a slower trigger for one device that's triggered from the AD's scope using a faster external pulse. It appears that Waveforms 2015 has some logic capabilities incorporated into the software, but as I don't have a back
  8. Hi, I'm using the Waveforms 2015 3.5.4 and noted that in the average selection exist options from 1 to 1000, but any value under 100 will trigger an average of 100 acquisitions.
  9. Hello! I am trying to install Waveforms 2015 on my Centos 7 OS. after running the following command in the terminal: rpm -Uvh digilent.waveforms_3.4.7.x86_64.rpm I receive the following error: error: Failed dependencies: libc6 >= 2.14 is needed by digilent.waveforms-3.4.7-1.x86_64 I tried to solve the problem by installing the glibc library: sudo yum install glibc Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, langpacks Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile * base: * elrepo: * epel: * extras: centos.mirror
  10. Dear Attila, dear Support - Team, dear community, I installed on my Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Plattform (Core i7 4500CPU 4x1,8GHz) the latest Waveforms release 3.3.5 (deb-package for 64b linux). Prior I installed the aptept runtime 2.16.5. (deb-package for 64b linux). I can start Waveforms in DEMO mode, but as soon as I connect my Analog Discovery, the software terminates immediately w/o any error message. The software doesn't start when I try to start it with the AD connected. Any support is really appreciated With best regards, Florian
  11. I'm Using Analog Discovery 2 with Waveforms 2015, I need to ask this : is it possible to display The AWG output on Scope Screen without physically connecting the AWG output to the Scope Input ? Thanks in Advance
  12. I'm using Analog Discovery 1 with Waveforms 2015 3.3.7 (64-bit) and trying to get the UART decoding to work for me. My serial settings in my test apparatus are 115200 baud, 1 start bit, 8 data bits, no parity, no stop bits. When I send 0x55 (01010101b), it appears to decode properly as shown in the image below: If I send 0xAA (10101010b). It gets confused about the start bit and the first data bit (i.e. two 1's right next to each other) as shown in the image below: I tried forcing the decoding to start at the appropriate place with the "Start UART from here" fea
  13. Hi, I am using Waveforms 2015 with Analog Discovery 2. I cannot locate a function to average waveforms form Scope collected after subsequent triggers. In normal scope we can display average of selected numbers of waveforms. In WaveFroms2015 data is being stored in buffers, so is there any simple method using original software (or Math channel script) to display average of selected number of buffers? Such function is available for example in Spectrum analyser Kind regards Peter
  14. Hello, I've successfully installed Waveforms 2015 v3.3.3 and the Adept runtime 2.16.1 on my machine which is running Fedora 21. Both are 64 bit. However, when I plug in the Analog Discovery 2 it shows no device detected. I tried reinstalling the Adept runtime, and the FTDI drivers with no success. The Analog Discovery 2 does show up on my machine as a USB device however. It shows up as "Future Technology Devices International, Ltd FT232H Single HS USB-UART/FIFO IC" Thanks! Kaitlyn
  15. I have just received a Discovery 2 and tried to download the waveforms 2015 software. On the site for the download I get redirected to and a message that firefox is unable to connect. Does anyone know of any other way to get these files? Does anyone else have trouble getting this download? Sean
  16. I'm using the original analog discovery module and have captured scope plots that I want to play out using the waveform generator. I could do this with the older software, v2.62 but after upgrading to waveforms 2015 (v3.26) I cannot seem to do the same thing. or maybe I just haven't found the right way to go about it in waveforms 2015. I have a csv file that I have previously converted from the scope capture. 1. How can I play out the waveform using the csv file (file attached)? 2. How can I read old scope captures in waveforms 2015 (file attached)? thanks, tim