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Found 6 results

  1. Could I get voucher license having ARTY A7 board without one in the kit? I bought the new ARTY A7 but it doesn't have voucher license in the box. Thanks in advance)
  2. Hello all, I use ZyBo for a long of time and now that my license expired I want to update it. I live in France and I haven't found a provider that gives just a voucher to continue using Vivado/Vivado HLS and SDK. I found some websites like this that provide the voucher but plus staff that I don't need. Is there a place where I can buy the voucher/license without anything else here in Europe. Thanks in advance, Spyros
  3. The arty comes with a one year Vivado Design Edition, when that subscription ends and I'm forced to switch to the Vivado Web Pack Edition, what features/tools will I lose? Also, will it greatly impact my ability to design stuff (on a hobbyist/learning level) or would I hardly notice they are gone? I think the C code is only included in the one year license, correct?
  4. Good Day, I just purchased and received the Zed board from you folks. According to the product page, I'm supposed to have a voucher for one of the non-free versions of Vivado. Although the CD was shipped, I couldn't find a voucher. Where may I acquire it? Also, my understanding is that this license is device locked. So, I've been using Vivado free edition with my Nexys4 DDR. In order to keep using that board, am I going to need to have a separate install of Vivado - i.e. one free for my Nexys4 DDR and one for the Zed board? Thanks, Dave
  5. Hi everyone! I'm Jorge an Electronics Engineer who want to buy the Basys 3 FPGA for the first time. I took some FPGA subjects at the University and I did some practical stuff using a Spartan 3 FPGA and Nexys 2 through ISE design suite. Now I want to have my own FPGA to continue learning myself and do some crazy stuff. Basys 3 description sais that it is not supported by xillinx ISE, so the only possibility is to use it through Vivado. My big doubt is: should I buy the 'Vivado Design Suite Voucher' together with the FPGA?? It is only 10$ difference. What is the difference between buy
  6. Hi, Can Vivado Design Suite (installed on a single PC) support multiple device locked licences (using the voucher system) where development on more than one target board is desired?