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Found 6 results

  1. czajak

    Vmodcam problems

    Hi, I am using vmodcam and have problem with image resolution and bad pixels. I have microZed 7010 board and I/O carrier and try to send image via Ethernet. First problem is, I set all the register values mentioned in the rm ( to get image with resolution 1600x1200 px. Unfortunately I got image containing 4 frames with resolution 800x600 px (attachment: bad_res_image.jpg). Before logging image I saw values in these registers via I2C and everything in the register is set as in the rm. Do you have any idea what is wrong? Second problem is more serious. In this link I send the results when I show only 800x600 px of the image ( - in 70% of cases the image I get is wrong (picture 3, 4 in the link) - in 10% of cases the image I get is shifted in some places and but we can recognize the shape (picture 5 in the link) - in 20% of cases I get image which is OK (picture 1, 2 in the link) But in 100% of cases my image have bad pixels. I would really appreciate any help or even only a hint. Thank you in advance! Best regards czajak
  2. A few years ago I talked to someone there who provided a project to see depth using the VmodCAM. I'd love to pick that up again but the computer I downloaded it to has crashed and I can't find any trace. Is there any chance I could get that project (for the Atlys board) again?
  3. Hey there, I've just begun work on a stereo-imaging project using the VmodCam and Atlys FPGA. When I started my research into the project it seemed like there were plenty of reference projects to download from diligent's page for the VmodCam. However, now that I have got to the stage where I would like to use that resource it seems the site has change and the reference projects have gone. Could anyone point me in the right direction, I just wanna get started on this project!
  4. yasirshah

    Vmodcam resolution

    I am using Digilent Atlys board and Vmodcam in a project. Vmodcam have 1600*1200 maximum resolution. it can be used with 640*480 resolution. I want to know that what is the minimum resolution of Vmodcam. Can it be used for 300*200 resolution?
  5. Hello everyone! I'm using an Atlys board and I've succeeded in programming some of the demo projects (like the GPIO and UART demo project DSD-0000327). But when I tried to program the VmodCAM project DSD-0000309 or DSD-0000310 using Xilinx iMPACT, it said "Program Failed" when the progress bar went to about 4%, and then the board rebooted. The following was displayed in the iMPACT console: PROGRESS_START - Starting Operation. Maximum TCK operating frequency for this device chain: 0. Validating chain... Boundary-scan chain validated successfully. '1': Programming device... LCK_cycle = NoWait. LCK cycle: NoWait done. '1': Reading status register contents... INFO:iMPACT:2219 - Status register values: INFO:iMPACT - 0000 0000 0000 0000 PROGRESS_END - End Operation. Elapsed time = 5 sec. I've tried the bit files provided by Digilent and those generated by myself (in ISE 14.7) from the source files. Neither of them worked. (The demo project was built in ISE 13.2, tested in ISE 13.1, according to Digilent's comment. But I think it should work in ISE 14.7 as well. I updated the IP cores used in the project anyway) Then I programmed the flash with the bit file using Xilinx Adept, but the board fell into endless reboot loop... I don't know why this demo project can not be downloaded... Any help would be appreciated :-)
  6. Syaoran74

    Vmod+nexys 4

    Hi all, I am a 4th year engineering student from RMIT university of Australia. I'm in the search for FPGA board for the purpose of generating a depth map via stereo cameras, as part of a larger project. What has caught my eye is the Nexys4-DDR board primarily for its Xilinx Artix-7 chip and upon further searching the Digilent store i so found the VmodCAM module which may be particularly useful for the project. However i am aware as to the fact that the Nexys4 board does not have a VHDCI port and hence would like to know of any work arounds to this issue, possible PMOD cameras or other ways to connect a pair of cameras to the Nexys 4 board. Thank you for your time and assistance.