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Found 4 results

  1. The Digilent-recommended way to get a license for Vivado WebPACK doesn't seem to lead to anything other than a 30-day eval license. What am I missing? I have a Cmod 7 (Artix 7), and am following the Digilent tutorials to get started. That leads to the "Installing Vivado" page here:, which describes where to download Vivado WebPACK (, which now offers version 2017.3). After downloading (1.5 hours) and installing, subsequent steps in Vivado > License Mana
  2. Hi. I have downloaded Vivado Webpack for my NEXYS4 I don't plan to use any other FPGA but the XC7A100 and smaller first question is do i need to upgrade to 15.1? It was very difficult to get 14 working. I have downloaded Waveform for my analog discovery and will need to download ISE 14.7 for the CPLD's I plan to use in a CR2 board and now will be installing the locked Vivado version that I will get purchasing the Basys3. Do i need to do watch for anything except to make sure they are all in different directories as far as installing these programs on the same machine? Thanks LDS .
  3. Hi I bought a Nexys 4 mainly due to the 8 digit and the amount of the resources the FPGA had in the Nexys 4 versus the Basys3. I did not read until later that a locked version of Vivado is with the Basys3. I am a novice at this technology. Does the locked version of Vivado that only works with Basys3 have the logic analyzer with it or the serial IO analyzer with it? What are the main differences between locked version and the downloaded webpack i have now? If it does have these tools in it, then these are tools that at least give me a better chance of success on a smaller version of my pr
  4. Hi I have bought a NEXYS 4 cell memory version. I have downloaded Vivado webpack. I see Diligent offers some software for instrument tools, such as NI Multisim & NI Ultiboard (NI Circuit Design Suite) it says $40 but it says academic. Can non students purchase this software? Will any of the software listed on this page help me? I am wondering now if i should of bought the Baysys 3 as i found out that the Vivado a locked in version comes bundled with it. What does a locked version entail? I am very much a novice in this venture. I need any kind of tool that is a available for the p