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Found 2 results

  1. Good day, I just bought an ARTY board and it came with the "Artix-7 35T Evaluation Kit and Tools Voucher". I believe I have a problem with the Vivado as apparently the Arty board was not properly included in the Vivado setup... After I got my voucher for Vivado I downloaded and installed it on my computer. I ran the software and Vivado and connected the board to the USB port. Then I opened the Hardware manager and only after I clicked on "AutoConnect" Vivado recognized the board: On the Hardware list there appeared a Xilinx_tcf/.../xc7a35T-0/XADC (see the attached image Vivado Screenshot #1)... So far it identifies the FPGA of the board... I tried running the "Out-Of-Box GPIO Example Design for the Arty Evaluation Board" that I downloaded from I followed the instructions but could not run the batch files as apparently the "XILINX_VIVADO" env variable had not been set... Then I found a "Hello World" program at which is very well explained and wanted to use it to get started with something with the Arty... I followed the steps but got stuck at the moment of choosing the Default Part... Vivado gives us the option of choosing a board and presents a list of boards to select from it... in the tutorial I was following there appeared the "Arty" and the "Artix-7 AC701 Evaluation Platform" boards (see the SCREENSHOT FROM TUTORIAL attached)... However when I try to select the board my Vivado shows a longer list but the "Arty" is not included... (See the Vivado Screenshot #2 attached) In this list there appears the "Artix-7 AC701 Evaluation Platform" but I do not think I should select it as it is a different board (even though they have the same FPGA) I look forward to hear your comments to solve this issue and be able to work with Vivado and my Arty Thanks Jesse ------ VIVADO SCREENSHOT #1 SCREENSHOT FROM TUTORIAL VIVADO SCREENSHOT #2
  2. Hello , What does the Vivado voucher for the board Genesys 2 Kintex-7 FPGA Development Board mean ? Does it mean I am getting a board-locked license for Vivado Design Suite for free ? If not what kind of discount this voucher provides ? thanks Dimitar