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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I'm trying to set up the USB OTG on Zybo board. I've done the following: 1. Checked the "Peripherals I/O pin" field for the USB0 and MIO as well for reset the PHY chip into Re-customize IP ( double click on zynq ).It matched with the schematics. 2. I have checked the devicetree auto-generated by SDK ( 2017.2 ).I have attached it. Seems to be good. 3. I have plugged my usb key on J10 ( the bigger USB connector ) as I want zybo to be a host controller. 4. The jumper JP1 is shorted. 5. The MIO 46 have to provide the reset signal to the PHY chip if I understand correctly 6. The connection between zynq ps and PHY is ULPI ( 12 signals from MIO 28 to 39 ) 7. When I boot the whole thing the device driver is correctly registered ( dmesg | grep usb ) but my usb key is not recognized. 8 If i stop the u-boot autoboot and issue the followings: - usb info ---> says that the usb is stopped - usb reset --> it rescan and detect correctly the host conroller and the usb key - boot --> boot the whole thing but the usb key is not recognized. I have searched a lot and, if I understand well, the following line on devicetree: usb-reset = <&gpio0 46 0>; declare that the gpio 46 have to became the reset signal for PHY chip ( active low , I have checked on Vivado into re-customize ip menu ) and in fact the "usb reset" on u-boot shell works but I don't know why I cannot recognize my usb key. I have also read that the fsbl have to issue the reset signal. I have done a search on fsbl source code and I have not found any USB reset function or something similar. The only thing that I have found is into ps7_init.c but honestly I can't understand a lot of that code... Anyone have encountered the same problem?? I have read that many peaple had problems with zybo USB OTG. I have also tried to do this into u32 FsblHookBeforeHandoff(void) but it doesn't boot ( maybe my mistake I have to retry ). Thanks in advance. Michele pcw.dtsi system-top.dts zynq-7000.dtsi