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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I'm looking for an Altium PCB template for an Uno32 homemade shield who makes use of all the pins of the board. I would also be pleased with a "technical drawing" of the board which shows the spacing between the different connectors and pin banks so I could make my own template in case I couldn't find any. Thank you
  2. Trying to compile demo from Sparkfun. It compiles properly with Arduino software. I'm new to Arduino. Not sure what I need to modify in the library. Text from the demo code: "This example sketch works with the CAN-Bus shield from SparkFun Electronics. It enables the MCP2515 CAN controller and MCP2551 CAN-Bus driver, and demos using the chips to communicate with a CAN-Bus. Resources: Development environment specifics: Developed for Arduino 1.6.5 Based off of original example ecu_reader_logger by: Sukkin Pang SK Pang Electronics" Error
  3. Hi, I've been trying to communicate an Uno32 board with a CC1101 transceptor based board. I've tried the 3 SPI libraries that come with mpide: DSPI, SoftSPI and SPI. However there's always a problem, the SS pin will always stay "low". Here are the outputs of each pin: SCK: MOSI: MISO: SS: The Uno32 can only be master, so the jp4 jumper has always been in th
  4. Hello, I have a ChipKit Uno rev C with Basic I/O board. I am using MPIDE 20140821. I’m having problems running the IOShield_EEPROM_Demo. I have installed the necessary ChipKit I/O drivers. I have ensured JP6 and 8 are configured correctly on the uno board. The program crashes when reaches the line : IOShieldEEPROM.writeString(0,"ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ"); I have read about this problem on ChipKit online forum, but it does not appear to have been resolved. Would anyone please help. :-) Many thanks Andy
  5. Hey guys, I'm currently trying to spec a project using the Uno32 with the pmod shield. The pmod I would like to use is the DA4 digital to analog converter. I've noticed that in Diligent's reference section there is an example code section for the pmodDA1 which gives a zip file including examples, a library, and a library manual for using the DA1. However such resources don't exist for the DA4. Does anyone know if that library be necessary for using the pmodDA4, or where I can find some examples of using it? I'm not new to microcontrollers, but I am new to pmod... Any help would be apprecia
  6. I am posting a support question on the forum so I can answer it here to help out others that may have a similar problem. " I downloaded the latest analogshield library from git hub. I'm trying to get the following code to compile in MPIDE: #include <analogShield.h> //Include to use analog shield. #include <SPI.h> //required for ChipKIT but does not affect Arduino #include <SoftwareSerial.h> // anndrews pins SoftwareSerial rs(4,7); //rx,tx // johns pins //SoftwareSerial rs(2,3); //rx,tx void setup() { pinMode(13, OUTPUT); digitalWrite(13, LOW); Serial.begin(115200); rs.
  7. I have been dealing with this for quite some time. The problem is that I can not upload Arduino programs to the Uno32 board. I keep getting the following error: avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding avrdude: stk500_getsync() attempt 1 of 10: not in sync: resp=0xff I am connecting via a very good USB cable, and the Uno32 is powered externally. I really don't want to purchase another board since the Uno32 really is a great fit for what I am working on. As far as that is concerned, I have been able to make absolutely no progress on my project since I have been stuck at the start li
  8. I would like to run TimerOne based examples for the Analog Shield on the UNO32. As I see it the Arduino TimerOne library is only for AVR parts. Is there an equivalent library for the UNO32 that provides this functionality. To me the Analog Shield under UNO32 is not very useful without the ability to do Timer/interrupt driven processing. Thanks for any insights the community can provide.