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Found 9 results

  1. In an effort to learn how to move network data to/from an FPGA I have taken the ethernet project, rewrote it in VHDL and ported it to a Basys3. I also added a LOT of comments in the code to help explain the header information required for the packets, and I changed the way the IPV4 checksum was calculated in an attempt to make it more obvious with out it works. I used clock wizard IP to gen the 20MHz clock required for the project. This was all in Vivado 2019.1 but that only matters if you want to use the clock wizard IP that I attached. If you just g
  2. Hello, I am currently developing a project with the ZmodADC1410_Demo_Baremetal of Eclypse-z7. The development environment is vivado 2019.1. I use the lwip software protocol stack in the SDK, RAW API mode, and I want to use UDP through the Ethernet port on the PS side. Send the adc data to the PC (only the data of channel 1), I have now completed the spectrum analysis of the collected data on the PL side based on the adc demo, and then sent the data to the sCH1in [13:0 ] Port of the ZmodADC1410AxiAdapter IP, now I have encountered difficulties in writing the PS-side program. I am conf
  3. Hi everyone , I would appreciate if someone could help me solve this strange problem regarding Ethernet transmission of UDP packets in RAW mode with LwIP from Zedboard to Windows PC. I’m using the example project in SDK to test the functionalities of LwIP called udp_perf_client. If I try to use the project as it is (with UDP_SEND_BUFSIZE 1440 ) Whireskark signals that packet are malformed , in fact it seems that “data bytes” are being truncated so are sent less bytes than expected (declared in the costruction of the IP header by LwIP). In the image attached is shown the ca
  4. Dear Team, We have established Ethernet communication on Arty-7 35 T for FPGA to PC (Transmission) and PC to FPGA (Reception). We have done RTL design without using micro-blaze and On system side we are using Visual studio for sending commands to FPGA using socket programming. We are facing following problems which are given below : FPGA to PC communication works perfectly for any IP address, but When we send command from socket for PC to FPGA communication, Ethernet on FPGA only listen to - broad cast IP. FPGA does not listen to any other value than 255. What could
  5. Hello All, I am currently working on Nexys Video Ethernet. I want to transmit and recieve UDP packets between PC and Nexys Video FPGA . Is it possible to perform without Microblaze? How to send UDP Packets from PC to FPGA.?
  6. Hello i'm using 2 ZedBoards cards with Vivado 2017.4 (for the record - i've tried to work with 2018.1 but from some reason there was a problem with the wifi's library and someone here at the forum suggest to work with 2017.4. link to this post: the 2 ZedBoards are connected with the PmodWiFi module, this module has been tested and the hardware is working fine. my goal is to transfer a 120*160 matrix of integers from one zedboard to another. i've succeded to transfer string or several integers b
  7. A UDP echo-server design uses on-board Ethernet port to create a data-link between FPGA board Nexys 4 DDR and MatLAB. Echo-server is capable of reception and transmission data packets using ARP and UDP/IP protocols. MAC address of FPGA board: 00:18:3e:01:ff:71 IP4 address of FPGA board: Port number of the board, used in the design, is 58210. The echo-server will reply back to any data server, which uses correct IP4 address and Port number of the board. MAC address of the board is made discoverable for the data server via ARP protocol. This echo-server design doesn't use
  8. Hi, Currently I have an issue when I connect the Wi-Fire to wireless network using UDP protocol. It will be helpful if is some information about the fuctions availables on the libraries <DEIPcK.h> and <DEWFcK.h>. On this moment my target is to solve the error received from "IsIPStatusAnError(status)". I'm not sure which configurations are necessary to solve the error, the error is attached . This error comes when the following code trys to work. Could you give me information available to use the UDP protocol used on the sketch named "UDPEchoClient .pde"? Code involv
  9. Hi -- I have a WF32. I can get it connected and do point to point UDP just fine. I need to receive a multicast UDP stream from a PC. I got this working on a WiFi Flyport ( but the PIC was underpowered... Does DNETcK/DWIFIcK support multicast and if so are there examples available?? Thanks Bill