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Found 2 results

  1. Hi,guys, I'm new and I have some problems in uart communication with PC(windows). I built UART RX (receiving) hardware. 8 LEDs will be used to show the binary value of the ASCII character. When the key strobe on the keyboard (from the computer) is pressed, the 8 bits will transmit from the keyboard to FPGA through USB-UART port on arty-7-35T board. However, when I send something to board through TERATERM, all the LED is always off. when I connect one LED to RxD, the LED is always on. the following is my code. `timescale 1ns / 1ps module receiver( input clk, //input clock input
  2. Hello, I am trying to send a character to FPGA from PC hyper terminal , for eg : 's' to start other processes in FPGA like initiating generation of CCD signals and sampling ADC et al and a different ascii character to stop the processes. I am able to send a ASCII character from PC hyper terminal and receive binary value it on FPGA LED's however I'm unable to use this for control. Please find my top level code below. 'Start' signal is to be controlling the initiation of other processes. library IEEE; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_1164.ALL; use IEEE.NUMERIC_STD.ALL; Library UNISIM; u