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Found 1 result

  1. Hi everyone, I only posted this question after i tried everything I could. I am trying to use uartlite with microblaze and interrupt controller (nexysvideo board) to receive some data. I wrote a lot of variations but it doesnt seem to work. my simplest basic code was to turn on a led when a byte is received. building of the project is fine, no errors but nothing happens when runing in hardware. i also tried the provided example (uartlite_intrc_example) which ask for a physical loopback (my understanding is that i have to send back whatever data i receive in the terminal, but i m not sure, i m not a native english speaker) which also did not work. can anyone please point me on how to use the uartlite in this mode (not the provided examples unless i was misusing it). I do not even know if i am using the ip drivers and functions correctly. this an example of what i did: #include <stdio.h> #include "xparameters.h" #include "xuartlite_l.h" #include "xuartlite.h" #include "xstatus.h" #include "xintc.h" #include "xgpio.h" #include "xil_printf.h" /************************GLOBAL VARIABLES******************************/ #define gLED_DEVICE_ID XPAR_GPIO_0_DEVICE_ID #define LED_CHANNEL 1 #define LED 0x01 XIntc IntCntroller; XUartLite UartLite; XGpio gLED; static volatile int flag= 0; //****************************functions prototypes******************/ void uart_int_handler(void *baseaddr_p); XStatus initialize_system (); /************************************************************************/ XStatus initialize_system () { XStatus status = XST_SUCCESS; status = XUartLite_Initialize(&UartLite, XPAR_UARTLITE_0_DEVICE_ID); if (status != XST_SUCCESS) {return XST_FAILURE; } status = XUartLite_SelfTest(&UartLite); if (status != XST_SUCCESS) { return XST_FAILURE; } XUartLite_EnableInterrupt(&UartLite); status = XIntc_Initialize(&IntCntroller, XPAR_INTC_0_DEVICE_ID);if (status != XST_SUCCESS) {return XST_FAILURE; } status = XIntc_Connect(&IntCntroller,XPAR_INTC_0_UARTLITE_0_VEC_ID,(XInterruptHandler)&uart_int_handler, XPAR_UARTLITE_0_BASEADDR); if (status != XST_SUCCESS) {return XST_FAILURE; } XIntc_Enable(&IntCntroller, XPAR_INTC_0_UARTLITE_0_VEC_ID); Xil_ExceptionInit(); Xil_ExceptionRegisterHandler(XIL_EXCEPTION_ID_INT, (Xil_ExceptionHandler)XIntc_DeviceInterruptHandler, (void*)XPAR_INTC_0_DEVICE_ID); Xil_ExceptionEnable(); status = XIntc_Start(&IntCntroller, XIN_REAL_MODE);if (status != XST_SUCCESS) {return XST_FAILURE; } status = XGpio_Initialize(&gLED, gLED_DEVICE_ID); if (status != XST_SUCCESS) { return XST_FAILURE; } XGpio_SetDataDirection(&gLED, LED_CHANNEL, ~LED); return status; } ///////////////**************/////////////////// void uart_int_handler(void *baseaddr_p) { while (!XUartLite_IsReceiveEmpty(XPAR_AXI_UARTLITE_0_BASEADDR)) { flag = 1; } } int main () { initialize_system(); while (1) { if (flag == 1) { XGpio_DiscreteWrite(&gLED, LED_CHANNEL, LED); }} return 1; } (just a side notice: what does the TX led LDI13 in nexys video board refers to? it's on when i send data over uart. i thought it should be RX for receiving data?)