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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, i have been analyzing signal response from a DUT (a resonator) using network function in waveforms. For comparison, i ran the same setup and parameters on the actuation signal using a lock-in amplifier (MFLI) separately. Both responses are attached below. So far i have been getting very similiar response (from frequency and phase shift perspective), but with a significantly different amplitude. (for some reason i kept failing to upload directly here ) The parameters of the reference signal were: Ampltude: 3V DC-Offset: 2V Frequency: 203.31 kHz I am quite new to signal processing (especially working with an ADC), so i might miss some details that should have been taken into account. Could someone help me explain, what could possibly influence the amplitude different shown on each response? I appreciate your time and response greatly! Regards, Jody
  2. I would like to use the Analog Discovery 2 to look at the carrier signal coming in from an AM broadcast station. To do this I would need to tune or filter the many signals coming in on my antenna down to one station of interest. I am thinking that this type of tuning is not something that the AD2 can do. Is this correct? Does anyone know of a simple device that can act as a front end to the AD2 to tune and perhaps amplify the signal in this way? I have looked into SDR's that are very focused on doing just this but I am not seeing how I can extract the carrier signal before it goes to mixing and demodulation.