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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, We are looking at evaluating the Nexys video board for a new electronics platform for our company. I was wondering, are the source files for PCB layout design available to customers? Also what is the operating temperature range of the board? Thank you, DB
  2. Hello! I have the following question. Is it possible to read Zynq temperature via XADC when working with Digilent Linux distro on PYNQ-Z1 board? Thanks!
  3. Bryce

    Heat Created by Arty A7

    Hello, Per the Arty A7 reference manual the recommended power supply is 36 Watts. At this rate of power dissipation does the Arty A7 circuit card require active cooling? What is the maximum operating temperature of this circuit card assembly? Bryce Hieber
  4. Hi, I have been looking on the Digilent site for a while now but I haven't found what the maximum operational temperature of the Nexys Video board is. I use the board to test another in house developed board but I need to run a thermal test at 60°C. Is this possible with the Nexis Video? Kind regards, Oceley
  5. What is the maximum operating temperature of the Analog Discovery 2? Is there an ideal temperature range for accuracy, or is it just recommended to re-calibrate at different temperatures.
  6. omn0mn0m

    Pynq Heating Issues

    Hey all, just got a Pynq Z1 board in the mail. I was reading the documentation on the Jupyter notebook when my arm hovered over the board and I felt some heat. After gently touching the various chips on the board, I noticed that most of the components felt warm or hot. I tried to put a 15mm x 15mm heatsink on the Zynq to see if that would solve any issues. It did not. I do not have a thermometer to measure exact temperatures unfortunately. Has anyone else had this problem, or do I have a defective board? Most other FPGA/ SoC dev boards I have worked with have not gotten this hot unless I
  7. Hello to everyone, I want to show the temperature data with Teraterm . I get from PMOD TMP3 . But I have to design the PMOD TMP3 IP and I do not know what is the difference with led_ip_design on the link there. ip.pdf Can you help me? How can I show the temperature data?
  8. Hi, Can i use the temperature from the System Monitor (AD 2) in a Java Script? I can't find the answer in the script-help or the examples in the SDK. Thanks in advance, Hans
  9. Hi all, I struggled for a while with unexpected DC outcomes from the datalogger. After research I found a DC temperatuur drift error. I think this affects the oscilloscope and voltmeter tool as well. If you watch the attached picture you see a 2 hour record of a 3,3V DC channel (1) and a zero volt (shorted) channel (2). You see a temperature / voltage drift in the range from -38,75 mV by 22 °C to + 2,4 mV by 43,75 °C. The only point where this drift is zero is after 1 hour. For me this DC drift makes the mV range useless and even in the Volt range i have to wait an hour before i have more
  10. What is the operating temperature range for the Zybo? I couldn't find it in the datasheet or Reference Manual.
  11. What is the operating temperature range of the ZedBoard?
  12. What is the operating temperature range for the PYNQ? What is the ambient temperature range of the PYNQ? The Red Pitaya lists the maximum ambient temperature as 35 C despite board components having operating temperatures twice that. I would like to know how the PYNQ (in this post) and the Zybo and ZedBoard rate as well. Thanks for your consideration!