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Found 2 results

  1. Folks, I have a new AD2, and I would like to log a data bus sequence for analysis. First prize: 16 bit data logging, clocked in with Trig1, Triggered by Trig2. My problem: If I use Sync mode, the data bus is just marked "X". If I use the free-running timebase, I see hex values, but I want the values on the rising clock edge. Second problem: Can I use Trig1 as a clock, or must I burn a digital channel for the clock ? Third: Can I start the capture on the falling edge of Reset, for repeatability ? Must I burn another digital channel for reset as well ? I did try using Reset (burning a channel) as the Sync Channel enable, which would work in a pinch. This functionality would be an obvious requirement on a logic analyser, and I am frustrated that I cannot find a way to do it.
  2. Hi, We would like to synchronize the DD clock with an external clock and use an external trigger for starting the acquisition. Using the sync mode, we haven't managed to do so for acquiring I2S data. In our set-up, the external signal clock is connected to one input of the DD (DIN15). The external clock signal connected to DIN15 is externally triggered. In the logic, we chose the Sync mode and specified this input channel (DIN15) as the clock beside the other channels used by I2S data. And then the pattern is triggered by the logic. With that set-up, the pattern will start running while the external clock hasn't started to feed DIN15 and the logic is armed waiting for the clock signal on DIN15 (that is externally triggered). Once the clock signal is activated on DIN15, the acquisition starts. However, the data don't seem to be synchronized with the external clock. Is it possible to acquire data using the I2S protocol with digital discovery in the sync mode? Moreover, is there a way to use an external trigger for running multiples acquisitions (every 2 seconds for example) in the sync mode ? Thanks!