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Found 3 results

  1. At the description of the Pmod Step it says that it can drive both motors simultaneously. I want to know if it can drive them with different number of steps on each motor. So the Pmod STEP will be like an 2 in 1 driver or it can only drive identical the motors.
  2. As I have not received any reply from the National Instruments website nor the arduino community. All the hope that is left is in this community. I am currently working on a project controlling linear actuators powered by stepper motors. Even though I can control the direction and speed of the motor I cannot control the steps it will do. I remember on LIFA there was StepsToMove function? How can I specify the exact steps? Which block should I use? The duration should be an answer to that (ms connecting wire) But it does not work at all. The motor continues after the specified time. Bonus Question: How can I stop the stepper through the front panel, whatever I do even if I stop the vi, the motor keeps the last command.
  3. I am building a robot that will incorporate approx. 10 stepper motors. I will also be controlling two mass flow controllers. I was advised that the ChipKit Max32 would work for me. I wanted to confirm this. I was previously considering using a Arduino Mega but was told that the processing power is insufficient. Question #1: Does this board output PWM 0-5v? With the Mega I was going to put a low pass filter on one of the outputs to control my mass flow controllers, which can be controlled with analogue 0-5v. Next question: If I do use this board do I need to use a unique stepper controller with each stepper motor? And if so what model/type of stepper controller would be most suitable? I'm using Nema 17 Bipolar steppers. Also, some of the stepper motors will be running simultaneously during the sequence. Also any suggestions on writing code would be appreciated. Thank you very much for any help with this. I am very new to all of this and there's a lot to learn!