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Found 6 results

  1. I'm working on a university project and I've programmed the stepper motor on LabVIEW and am using the digilent motor adaptor but the signal leaving it doesn't seem to be right even though the labview control is correct in the signal that it's giving it. It can run up to 30rpm but then it stops and doesn't run. I have run out of ideas and think the error must be generated from the connections in the motor adaptor but I have no idea why as the connections seem simple enough. Has anyone done it before and have a ready made program for it. This is the program I am using at the moment.
  2. Hello, I have a Nexys 4 DDR board and was looking to interface with motors for a project I am working on. I found the Pmod STEP: Stepper Motor Controller (SKU: 410-267) and had a couple of questions about it: 1) Is this Pmod compatible with my Nexys 4 DDR? 2) How many motors can this Pmod device drive. If more than one can be driven by this Pmod, can each motor be controlled individually or would the same signal be propagated to each motor attached to this Pmod. Thank you!
  3. Hello, I'm glad that this forum conentrates on technical problem solving . PROJECT: To control the stepper motor (x and y axis) through a website ,using ethernet shield and arduino uno. Ps :Esp8266 cannot be used. I'm following the attached code to which will take the Ip adress(line 29) and server address(line 26) and connect to the following website created by php and my sql(line 61). Created by Tom Igoe, based on work by Adrian McEwen. ISSUES FACED: The code must connect first and then it directs us to the website provided.But in my case it is not connecting . I vant attach the serial monitor status image(more than 1.95MB) What have i done ? I have connected the ethernet shield to router wire of college (having two step authentication , with password and all***) .The ethernet shield I have got doesnt have a mac (meadia access control) address on it (i verified with the shopkeeper , even he told it wasnt provided to him either ).. When surfed on internet , i found out that only new ethernet shields have mac address , so i connected the ethernet to my PC and obtained the physical address ( added 0X in front of it to make it hexadecimal ) and added it in the code. The website added in the code is php based , but I want to add a html with 4 buttons ,indicating motor1 - clockwise ,anticlockwise and motor2 - clockwise , anticlockwise .acn i add this html ( starting from <html to <!html> in the code itself?and get that page as sson as ethernet is connected? After connecting , the website must open and based on our inputs of the button we press ,stepper motor code must be cascaded in the ethernet code , so it works well. (code regarding stepper motor and html isnt written yet). Do go through the message , I will send anymore supporting pics or will tell you about it ,so that you can unserstand the scenario and debug it right. Hope you see this message soon and help me right, Thank you SUSHMA MANTAGANI ***Is that ethernet doesnt take a router with 2 step verification or the code can be modified so that use rid and password can be added , so that it will be connected ? arduinomysql.ino.ino
  4. Hello everyone, For a school project, my group is trying to make a 3D printer and we need to run 4 stepper motors (3 for motion and 1 for the extruder) using myRIO. Since we would need 4 drivers to run each motor, we are thinking of using a combination of these following adaptors. We are also wondering how could we control the heating element in the extruder using the myRIO controller? 2 of the Pmod Adapter for NI myRIO 4 of the Pmod STEP: Stepper Motor Driver (2 connecting to each Pmod Adaptor) 2 of the MXP extender cable We are not very familiar with electrical specs of devices and would love any help to clarify.
  5. Hello! I have made an Instructable on how to use a stepper motor in unipolar mode. The code is specifically designed to run the stepper motor with a chipKIT board, but the general principle of how the stepper motor is run can be applied to any system board. You can check it out here. Thanks, James
  6. I have a question (not surprisingly) about the stepper motor that comes in the chipKIT Starter Kit (28BYJ48A). I know that I'm supposed to pulse the four lines to make the electromagnets "turn on" in such a way to make the motor turn one way or the other. I did so by driving various I/O pins on the chipKIT uC32 high and low and got it to rotate, but it seems I can only get it to rotate up to a maximum speed of ~12 revolutions/min, since any shorter delay than 3 ms between driving the magnets high/low seems to make the electromagnets shift around faster than the motor can keep up. My other question (which I'm honestly more curious about) is what the 5th wire for on the header for the stepper motor? According to this website, that wire should be hooked up to a 5V line, but when I hook that line up to 5V (or 3.3V or ground) the motor shaft stops rotating; I'm only getting it to rotate when that 5th line (the red one) is floating. So... should I be seeing this? Thanks, James P.S. How would I hook up this 5 pin header to the PmodSTEP? The PmodSTEP only has 4 and 6 pin headers so the 5-pin header from the stepper motor physically doesn't fit.