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Found 7 results

  1. I am trying to find the script commands to access the Spectrum Analyzer in the Analog Discovery 2. I would like to specifically access the THD function to read a series of values at different frequencies (using the Wavegen), plot them and save them to a file. I am generally familiar with the use of scripts and have made them work on the scope, wavegen, etc. but cannot seem to find the commands to access the Spectrum Analyzer in Waveforms 2015. I have also used the debug function as well as the plot function so what I need are the specific access routines for the spectrum analyzer and its subfu
  2. Hi, I would like to measure noise spectra using the Spectrum Analyzer (i.e. Volts / root(Hz) ). That requires an RMS averaging in each frequency bin. Alternatively a power spectrum is also ok (it is the voltage spectrum squared (Volts^2 / Hz). I could not find any info on the averaging options in the Reference Manual. Linear averaging, such as in THD+N measurements will not give the right answer. Could you tell me if RMS or Power averaging is available? I would also appreciate a link to the documentation of the average function of the Spectrum Analyzer. Best Regards, Bjorn
  3. I see in the documentation that the ADG612 gain switch between high gain and low gain to the ADC. I see in Waveforms Spectrum analyzer that there are many gain options: 0.01x, 0.1x, 1x, 10x, 100x. Which hardware gain setting is used in Waveforms for those gain settings? Thanks!
  4. When changing the start and stop frequencies of the spectrum analyzer the resolution does not seem to change. I'm using the software in the demo mode. Is this how the actual software works. One would hope that the resolution frequency would decrease (become a smaller frequency) as the frequency span is decreased. Thanks, for any responses.
  5. Hey, I am very new to WaveForms 2 and I can not figure out how to take an imported signal and place it into the spectrum analyzer. I am currently trying to get the frequency domain of a prerecorded electrical signal. The .csv file converts nicely into the oscilloscope of the WaveForms 2 program but I can not find an option for importing data into the spectrum analyzer. I was wondering if any one knows how to do this or if it can be done? If it can't be done, is there any other way for me to get the frequency domain of the signal? Thank you so much, Michael
  6. Hello, For one of my school projects we were asked to find the minimum signal that will give a signal to noise ratio of 10 dB. How would I go about finding this? I know that the Spectrum Analyzer for the Analog Discovery would be used but I am unsure of how to find the signal to noise ratio of a signal. Thank you, cjobi247
  7. Hello, i am a analog discovery user and i love the device very much but i am looking for more speed and function. ok now i am proposing a system that digilent should make,lets name it analog discovery 3. i really want more speed,better SDR and a JTAG port inbuilt instrument.