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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, First thing first. I am a starter in the fpga custom design. I have done few simple projects codes in Digilent virtex 5 board but now circumstances requires me to get more IO pins. I will, in this section mention first what I am planning (English is not my first language sorry for any errors). 1) I am using XC6SLX9 2) Route the VCCAUX, VCCINT, GND, 100MHZ single ended clk. 3) Route out the JTAG pins (namely TMS, TDO, TDI, TCK) 4) I am using ISE 14.7 5) 1) I just want to generate gate signals. In this section I shall lay out what help
  2. TireV

    Cmod S6 - Multilayer?

    Hello all together, I'm working on a CmodS6 board for my university course right now. It'd be helpful to now something about the layer design of the Board. I assume it's a multilayer PCB, so at least 1 layer between front and back side, but can anyone tell me something more about it? e.g. common ground plate yes/no? Hope these information are not somehow confidential or protected, then never mind my question :) Thanks for any input!
  3. hi.. ! I need a fpga devolpment board with VGA and HDMI as input and HDMI or DVI or both as output. i googled but not find a single board with these connectors together. Thanks in Advance.
  4. Dear digilent, I am interested to retarget the following design to a zybo or spartan 6 FPGA. The design link is: ( Nexys 3 VHDL Example - ISE 13.4 ). Could you please advise me how to do it? Thank you. F
  5. Hi, I recently purchased the pmodbt2 bluetooth interface module and tried interfacing it with the Atlys board. I used the GPIO demo bit file which was given in the forum for verification (after modifying it), but I was not able to see the output in the terminal software (Teraterm). I followed the instructions given in the demo, but I was not able to see the output; are there any specific changes I need to make in the module or in the terminal software? Can someone help me out with this? Ishan
  6. Hi, For a project, I want to align two input HDMI video sources in Atlys Spartan 6. I want to implement an asynchronous FIFO which will synchronize video source B with video source A timings (picture attached). However, the FIFO should be of the size to store atleast 8 MB (frame size of each video source = 1920*1080*32 bits). How to implement this asynchronous FIFO in Atlys Spartan 6? My atlys kit has MIRA P3R1GE4JGF DDR2 IC on it instead of Micron MT47H64M16xx-25E which is in older boards of Atlys Spartan 6. I am using ISE Design Suite 14.2 and running Xapp495. The frame rate that I am w
  7. Hi: I would like to implement an application in my fpga to communicate to the PC. I don't want to use the SDK, I prefer VHDL. So, I can generate a Xilinx LogiCORE Tri-Mode Ethernet MAC using Xilinx's Coregen, but I don't know how to connect it. For example, the global clock is 125Mhz, and the atlys only provides me a 100Mhz. Should I use a clock generator? Thanks.
  8. Hello, As I figured out from the datasheet of the board, Spartan6 Atlys board has no ADC intefaced to it. We can do so by making a custom PCB using one of the ADC chips available in the market. COuld someone help me out with the design steps and an overview as to how I should design the ADC board. Also, how should i connect the board to the spartan 6 board
  9. hi i am trying to cummunicate to pc with fpga board. i am using atlys board of digilent company in which spartan-6 (xc6slx45csg324c) is connected to marevell 88E1111 phy chip. my frame is:- constant udp_frameA :frame60:= (x"FF",x"FF",x"FF",x"FF", -- mac dest x"FF",x"FF",x"00",x"00", x"00",x"04",x"14",x"13", -- mac src x"08",x"00",x"45",x"00", -- IP header x"00",x"2E",x"00",x"00", x"00",x"00",x"40",x"11", x"7A",x"C0",x"00",x"00", -- IP src x"00",x"00",x"FF",x"FF", -- IP dest x"FF",x"FF",x"00",x"00", -- port src x"50"
  10. I want to do a matrix multiplication using an Atlys Spartan-6 xc6slx45,I connect 4 microblazes and I want to add a Noc,but I need a design tool for a Noc.I didn't find any one which is compatible with windows because I use xilinx ISE 14.7.can any one has an idea about that??
  11. hi my working is on atlys board (spartan 6)i want to create a clock with 400 MHz frequency , when i use the ip-core(clocking - clocking Wizard 3.6) the error will be displayed . How i can write this code manualy ? the error is: thanks

    Fpga 1

    Dear Sir/Madam My name is Revanasidha K Jambgi i am doing a project is to implement image processing algorithms such as (Sobel edge detection and color reduction for single image data) on FPGA I have NEXYS3 board which has spartan 6. I request you to help me regarding this. I have to load the image file into the FPGA board and should have an access toeach pixel of the image. Please send me the snap shots of the process. ORwrite me where i can get this stuff. I searched in web for days together but couldn’t find it.