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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone, So I own a Basys 2 board with spartan 3E FPGA and I am using ISE Design Suite 14.5. I want to create a VGA output with 800x600 resolution and 40Mhz clock so it will have 60Hz refresh rate. I am writing the code in verilog. I have entered exact numbers for horizontal counter, vertical counter, hsync and vsync that are required for operation stated above. However, I am unable to output the VGA signal. I am using two DCMs that can be generated in the ISE design suite, I am using first DCM to multiply 50MHz clk to 100Mhz and then I am using second DCM to divide 100Mh
  2. i want to generate sine wave on dac (pmodda3)( i am using spartan3e but there ara several warnings ,How can i fix the warnings? i loaded code and picture. help me please ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- library IEEE; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_1164.ALL; use ieee.std_logic_arith.all; use ieee.std_logic_signed.all; use ieee.numeric_std.all; entity kecelikalem is port( clk: in STD_LOGIC; reset : in STD_LOGIC;
  3. Hi. I'm new to programming FPGAs. I just would like to ask, what are the recommended FPGA boards for beginners? My university currently uses the Spartan 3E Starter Board but from the reviews that I've read, the Spartan 3E is quite old already and some say that I should consider buying other FPGA boards that have more functionalities and processing power.
  4. Hello everyone... I'm new to this world and I bought a Basys2 a couple of years ago to use in my graduation. But I have never used it again since that time! Now I'm interested in discovering this world a bit more and the JTAG interface! Is it possible to write programs and load them into the FPGA board without having the ISE software?
  5. I am a newbie, just bought BASYS2 digilent FPGA Board. I have background on microcontrollers. C/C++ is no problem for me. But I am having some trouble with FPGA. Actually, not with FPGA but with Compiler and ISE. As you can see in the attachment, I configured the FPGA chip. I am using BASYS2 board. This is the implementation code: --------------------- module myModule(A, B); input wire A; output wire B; assign B = !A; endmodule ---------------------- And this is the ucf code: ----------------------- # Onboard LEDs NET "B" LOC = "M11"; NET "A" LOC = "C11"; ------------
  6. How to use digilent sparten3E kit for implementation of code generated by system generater? i.e how to use adc dac for giving input and taking output from dac?
  7. I need to know if there is any LCD for Spartan 3E board....................... please help me
  8. Hello everyone. I have on my lab a instrument that I built a couple of years ago using a Spartan 3E Starter Board as digital controller. I'm quite happy with it, the only problem being that I'm using the parallel JTAG cable to make small changes to the system and Pc with LPT ports are becoming rare. I would like to purchase a USB cable but I'm not sure what model is better. I'm using ISE/EDK 7.1 and reluctant to change. Can anyone help me. Thanks, José Mariano
  9. I've got a Nexys2 and a Basys2. I'd like to program them under Windows 8.1. From what I can tell, the only Xilinx software that's supported under Windows 8.1 does not support the Spartan 3E chips. Is there any way to program those chips from within Windows 8.1? Thanks, Keith