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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I'm using the Atlys Spartan-6 board. I want to use the LED bar in I/O ex to display the the values of 3 different counters for displaying the time of a binary clock. I try to use the information of adept advanced programming guide and some informations I gathered from But still I can't get any reaction on adept i/o ex. How can I map the outputs of out_sec<7:0>, out_min<7:0> and out_hrs<7:0> to registers 0x02, 0x03 and 0x04? Any hints for me? Sincerly, Heinz
  2. The HDMI2USB project aims develops affordable open hardware options to record and stream HD videos (from HDMI & DisplayPort sources) for conferences, meetings and user groups. Our current focus is on around custom gateware running on FPGA hardware, our gateware if fully open and can be found on github. The gateware allows for both full matrix functionality and capture via either USB or Ethernet. A control terminal is also available giving the computer complete management of all functionality. We have been using the Digilent Atlys as a prototyping platform and are investigating also supporting the Digilent Nexys Video. We are also developing our own hardware the Numato Opsis. As an open source project, we'd love help continuing to develop new features and functionality. We are actively seeking assistance: For video recording individuals+teams: Be an early adopter; get a board, start using it, report back to us with feedbackFor software/FPGA developers: Get involved in contributing code both to the capture software + FPGA stackOur aim is this becomes the defacto, incredibly affordable and easy to use video recording hardware for conferences, meetings and user groups worldwide. Find out more about HDMI2USB and why we’re doing this in ABOUT + FAQ
  3. Hi all, I try to store data in my Spartan-6 fpga, but I dont really know how to start with. Can anyone give me some suggestion? I've been trying search for any sample code to do that but so far I have not found any yet. Any help would be great appreciated. Thanks!