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Found 11 results

  1. So, I got this dialog box when I tried to use the Adept to program a custom Spartan 6 board: The Device this configuration file was made for is not known. Associate Config File with device anyway? Hmm, I created the *.bit file from the Xilinx ISE 14.7 software suite and I made a *.mcs file from the Impact application, so I'm wondering how Adept associates files anyway? The Setup: The board is a custom Spartan 6 board, with routes between a Spartan 6 tq144 fpga and a s25fl128 flash. The jtag ports of the Spartan 6 fpga are configured to a header, where I connect a jtag-hs2
  2. Taras

    Firmware via Android

    Hello, we are looking for help to write our FW on Spartan6 via USB port & Android app, our tablet have USB type A standard ports, also type C port. We need to write it like we do from Windows Impact software, can someone help us with that? thanks :)
  3. Wyorin


    I have developed a test system using a Xilinx Spartan 6 and the Digilent JTAG-SMT2 programming module. I can program the device OK but if I include an Chipscope ILA and run the analyser the ILA is not found. I know that the ILA is in the build because I have looked for it using ISE14.7 FPGA Editor. I have turned the JTAG clock speed right down to 125 kHz, but still no joy. Any thoughts?
  4. Hello everyone I am selling my almost brand-new Xilinx Nexys 3 Trainer Board w/ Spartan 6 FPGA. I've only used it for about 1 week and it is in absolute Mint condition. I am choosing to sell it because my new job at a startup uses Altera's line of products so I will be getting an Altera FPGA Unfortunately I just got my Nexys 3 so I am try to get whatever money I can for it. A link to this product on the Digilent site can be found below: As you can see, it's worth $270 on the we
  5. Hi, We're designing several boards that have a mixture of XIlinx Fpgas. One such board has multiple Virtex 5's, a Kintex 7 and a Spartan 6. We want to use a JTAG-SMT2 board to both configure the Fpgas and then use Chipscope for debugging. This means that all the Fpgas would be on a single JTAG chain. Has this been done before? Should a configuration like this work? We would be driving (via USB) the JTAG-SMT2 from an embedded linux processor and use the ADEPT SDK for configuration as well as implementing USB over Ethernet so that the Xilinx debug tools could run seamlessly on
  6. Hi, I am trying to program Spartan 6 FPGA(6SLX25FTG256) with Jtag HS2 in Ubuntu 14.04. I can see the device with command "sudo djtgcfg enum": Found 1 device(s) Device: JtagHs2 Product Name: Digilent JTAG-HS2 User Name: JtagHs2 Serial Number: 210249A143CA I can also detect the FPGA using command "sudo djtgcfg init -d JtagHs2": Initializing scan chain... Found Device ID: 24004093 Found 1 device(s): Device 0: XC6SLX ? But when I tried to program the FPGA, it always failed. I tried with .bit file first using the following command: sud
  7. I am building an audio processor with effects in my final year project using Spartan 6 and there is a problem i am facing. Since my project guide has left my institute , I am facing a few difficulties of which this is one of them. The following is the code for audio playback . When i use it without the clock divider (On board clock of 4 MHz) process i am able to hear the audio . When i change the ADC Clock (Clock Divider from 4 MHz to 44.1 KHz ) i am unable to hear anything . Why is it so. The test bench shows that the ADC clock is divided to 44.1 KHz but its not giving an on board output.
  8. I'm a college professor trying to select a toolchain for an upcoming class based on the Cmod F6 board (a Xilinx Spartan 6). I am new to FPGAs; moving over from an analog background to cover for a colleague who is retiring, so all this is quite new to me. Xilinx seems to want new users to use their Vivado toolset rather than ISE Webpack. In fact, it appears the Vivado is the only choice to run on our lab computers that now run Windows 10. Vivado supports the Spartan 6 on the Cmod F6, so that part seems to work. My questions: 1) What is the purpose of Digilent Adept - just to load
  9. Argoth

    Nexys 3 With Pmodrf2

    Hello, I would like to you use PmodRF2 with Nexys 3 board in my project at school. So I am looking for some reference design in VHDL for Spartan 6. Do you have something like that?,400,897&Prod=NEXYS3&CFID=7442452&CFTOKEN=e41455559876637a-43DBCAA9-5056-0201-028B3A77A60DF63D,401,927&Prod=PMOD-RF2 Best regards Marty
  10. Hi all, I am new to fpga so need some help in selecting a board. I need a spartan 6 board which has an flash memory and can be programmed using a JTAG. not through usb jtag. can some one help me by listing all such boards ? Thanks in advance sarath
  11. If I want to port the current Vmod CAM Atlys Demo to Genesys. Do I only need to change the UCF and target device?