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Found 5 results

  1. jtombs

    Nexys 2 PMOD Logic Levels

    I am using a Nexys dev board (Yes, I know they are old) but I am wondering if I can interface with 5V signals? I see that I can supply the USB 5V out on the PMOD Vcc, so does that mean that I can drive the PMOD with 5V logic?
  2. Hi. I have a Spartan 3e starter kit which I bought a few years ago. I cant get it to work with windows 10. I have installed the latest ISE webpack (from 2014). but the drivers does not seem to be compatible with windows 10. I saw that this board is still on digilent home page so there must be a way to make this work ( Does any one have this board running on windows 10? Thanks /John
  3. har

    Issue with Spartan 3E kit

    Hi, I had recently ordered a spartan 3E kit from digilent . However, it seems the kit is not functioning properly I loaded a simple program onto the kit but there was no expected behaviour everytime four fixed LEDs lit up, irrespective of me changing the code. Could you please help or divert me to the appropriate contact I have already sent an email regarding this to the sales team and wish this issue gets addressed as early as possible. Thanks
  4. Hi, I need help to initialise and implement an inout port in BASYS 2(Spartan 3E) FPGA board. I tried using IOBUF and assigned that port to B6 or A9 or C6.I couldn't get the result. Without using the IOBUF, i am getting the desired signal pattern as output but in milli volt range. And i'm not sure whether i able to recive or not with out using the IOBUF since I could not test it.. I want to implement the I2C protocol, so the sda line should be INOUT, which I cant figure out...Should I use any specific PIn in Pmods of Basys 2 as Inout port.... Please help me with this... Thanks in Advance Athul
  5. How can I set up a variable clock signal on Basys 2?