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Found 2 results

  1. Hi , I am using DDS IP core to visualize a 5 kHz sine wave signal. At first I simulated the IP core using Vivado simulator . I used 25 MHz clock signal. I got a sine wave signal as shown in the first attached picture. When I changed the Radix from "signed data type" to "unsigned data type" the sine wave will be like in the second attached picture. And when I implemented my design on my ARTY 7 , and connected the output of Pmod DA3 to the oscilloscope , I got a signal similar to that in the second attached picture ! As shown in the third attached picture . I changed all the intended data types in my program from u16 to s16 but the no thing is changed ! Pls , I am looking forward your help. How to visualize a DDS sine wave properly using Pmod DA3 ? Thanks.
  2. I want to generate a sine wave using arty7 35t board. how do I do that? can I do that using an IP? I want to use the onboard ADC. my final aim is, i want to generate a sine wave later i want to convert it back to digital signals