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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! Sadly I'm stuck again on something. Short pre-explanation: I have a Zybo Z7-20 Zynq-7000 with embedded vision bundle, for which I have gotten a SDx project from a predecessor which I am going to continue. I installed the project using the demo project "filter 2d live demo" from the digilent revision bundle (version 2017-4.2), and then replaced the src folder by my predecessor with that of the demo project, according to his instructions. There was no error with compiling and I flashed it onto an SD card as instructed in the revision bundle readme's. When I press the PS-SRST button a
  2. Hello, pardon me if this is a stupid question, I'm a student going to work on my master project/thesis with a Zybo Z7-20 Zynq-7000 ARM/FPGA SoC and only slowly learning the ropes of this. A previous student already wrote a lot of code for this and I'm trying to get the dependencies right so I can get it to run on my board, however, I am having problems with the C++ version. The program is based on the reVISION-Zybo-Z7-20 v2017.4-3 sample project, Live Video Demo for Pcam. My predecessor recommended me to use this project as a basis for the project he made and then copy/replace the source folde
  3. Hi, I've trying to include OpenCV libraries into my SDx Application Project about detecting objects. I used the custom platform Digilint ZyboZ720 from github, by just adding the platform to the project as indicated in the SDSoC Readme.txt ( (I didn't use petalinux nor Vivado). Then the process was: - New App Project - Custom Platform: Zybo Z720 -Empty App - Inserting source files - On SDS++ Compiler on directories I added the includes on the picture below, and also the libraries on the SDS++ Linker (adding also the path).
  4. Esti.A

    OpenCV and Pcam5-c

    Hi everyone, I am working in teh demo that was created by Digilent to get images from teh Pcam5-c that is connected by a MIPI CSI-2 interface to teh zybo z7-020 board. In this case, I was wondering if I decide to do the processing of the image (edge detection, enhancement of light,...) I would need to use SDx. I have seen that there are plenty of solutions in OpenCv but I dont know how the hardware proyect and the SDx project can be linked. Note, in this initial design I have teh initiallization od teh camara and platform in a C++ application file that I dont know how if I should export t
  5. I have an Arty Z7 board which came with a Trenz EDDP kit for motor control. I need to use the Xilinx SDx development system to create some software for the board - in particular, FPGA bitstreams - but I can't figure out which (if any) of the Xilinx SDx zynq project types (microzed, zc702, zc706, zed, zybo) should be used, or whether I need to get a custom project type from somewhere. Any thoughts?