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Found 3 results

  1. dcc

    Change ROM COE

    Hi all, My design is HDL only with no processor. I have large ROMs in the project and need to change the COE files all the time. IS there a way to do this without having to regenerate the core and compile from scratch?? Each change costs me 40 minutes. I know with Data2MEM you can do that without having to regenerate the core and compile the design from scratch (IF you have a processor), but that does not apply to my design. Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Hello everybody, I'm developing a project using a Zybo Board. I'm on an early stage, right now I'm just trying to print out on a screen 640x480 an image from a rom memory (depth 1024, width 12) created using the Core Generator (I'm writing the project in Xilinx ISE 14.7). However, the result on the screen is not what I expected... First of all, I've created my rom memory containing the image: it has been converted in bitmap format and then translated to a vector of 32*32 cells (the image is 32x32 pixels), each one containing a string of 12 bits representing the color of a pixel, usi
  3. s223523

    Zybo ROM

    Ho everyone, I am working on a zybo to program a game. I am facing the task of image processing. I understand that the best way is using ROM to store coe file and use them, but I don't know how to convert an image to a coe file. Another question is if the 16 bit output of the single port ROM is already the encoding of the vga output or I need to makes some changes, and how to process the printing of the image. And I was also wondering if I can put more then one image in the ROM. Thank you