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Found 1 result

  1. I am wondering how remote controlling WaveForms should be done properly if used as part in a larger test sequence environment. I have not been able to locate step by step procedures for that. I prefer using the script method if possible. Loading a workspace with the approximate setup, then using a script to alter a few parameters in the setup, and finally run that configuration. And then load a new workspace and fine tune it. And so on. You have introduced the -runscript command line switch so a loaded script can be started. Like this found in another similar topic "API or software interface to Waveforms 2015" : Is it also possible to terminate a running script ( ~ stopping an ongoing hardware operation ) or does loading a new script automatically stop the hardware properly in preparation for loading a new script ( or workspace ). Is it possible to get information from a running WaveForms operation. Like WaveForms writing status to a file on request. But is such interaction possible. Information could include error status, trigger armed status and similar information. What I am looking for is what remote control possibilities WaveForms gives me when using it in situations where no human is looking/interacting with the GUI. Thanks in advance for creating such an amazing software and ( most importantly ) keep updating it. HYH