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Found 1 result

  1. Hello! Me and my colleagues want to do a project and we are thinking about using one of the various development boards with Zynq-7000 for that purpose. Basically we just want to sample and measure some signals and transfer them to a PC (preferably via gigabit-ethernet) for evaluation. So the Zynq would have to do a real-time hardware-in-the-loop task. The signals we want to measure are as follows: 3 analog signals sampled @ 1 kHz by an ADC 3 analog signals sampled @ 100 kHz by an ADC 2 incremental encoders the frequency of a quadrature pulse signal (we would need a pin for edge-detection and a counter that counts the time between the edges) However, the documentation of those Zynq-7000 development boards on the internet is quite poor. In most hardware user guides I only found that the Zynq-7000 only has the XADC which is dual, but we would need to sample 6 different signals. I have neither found any support for incremental encoder interfaces, nor any GPIOs that are capable of accessing a software timer for edge-detection. In the Xilinx forum somebody recommended using the PYNQ-Z1 but I do not know how freely you can program the Zynq-7000 with Python. As I said, we would need at least two interfaces for incremental encoders and I have seen some examples how to implement this on an FPGA. But those examples always included coding in VHDL. Is it possible to program the Zynq-7000 in Python with the same degree of freedom as in VHDL? Which development board (and maybe additional boards/cards) would you suggest to use and why? Best regards!