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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I am trying to use a JTAG-SMT2 board mounted on a custom PCB and connected to my board with a cable. To do that i use a raspberry controlled remotely (the raspberry is version 3B and the OS is up to date). The programmation work fine with a windows computer and with digilent adept software. The issue is that I get a segmentation fault error when I try tu use this command : "sudo djtgcfg prog -d JtagSmt2 -i 0 -f F102-03.00.jed". Scan chain work. Does anyone had any solution for this problem ? Thanks.
  2. I desperately want to connect three devices to a Raspberry Pi3 that has a single Pmod HAT Adapter fitted to it. The devices are all SPI types: Pmod AD1 Pmod ISNS20 Pmod TC1 I can only run 2x devices since ports JA(A) and JB(A) both support SPI, but JC(A) does not. Is stacking of Pmod HAT Adapters allowed or can I connect an SPI device directly to the open GPIO pins? I would greatly appreciate any advice! Even if NOPE is an answer...
  3. Hi everyone Our senior design team is doing a project and we need to use 3 pmod ia on raspberry pi at the same time. Now I have questions following: 1. Does JA, JB, and JC all support pmod IA 2. I need the way to control three pmod IA, but I pmod IA is not in the design spark pmod supported list. Does that mean I can't use design spark to control pmod IA. 3. Since design spark might not work with pmod IA, I read the question of @mbvalentin, that's the only example of pmod working on raspberry pi I could find, but does the wiringPi still work if I use a hat between pmod
  4. Hi, I want to program my KC705 board with raspberry pi. I have downloaded adpet utilities and adept runtime on raspberry pi. I know python programming but I am not very fluent with c coding. If anyone can help me with programming following modules it will be really helpful to me. programming FPGA with bit files. programming flash with bin file(or any other file format) If possible loading mfs files or elf files on DDR memory.
  5. Hi guys, I would like to find out if it is possible to log an analog signal at 100MSPS for about 5 to 10 minutes? I red that the buffer of the AD2 is very limited so it wont safe a continuously file without any gaps. But this would be fundamental. If there are these gaps, is it possible to estimate the length of these gaps? If this would work, what proper solutions are there to safe the data? I thought a Raspberry would be perfect for this. But I red that the AD2 has some problems with it. How would the software waveforms safe the data? Is it easy to export it to excel? Would be