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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings! I just purchased my first Arty, and I'm now preparing for the board to arrive. One of my goals with the Arty board will be to see how fast I can clock things both internally and externally. As examples, I'm hoping to clock a custom CPU (the ZIpCPU) at 200MHz, to build a custom memory interface that will clock at 200MHz, and ... a flash controller at 200MHz that will generate a 100MHz flash clock. While preparing for this project, I noticed that the web page reference manual for the Arty states that the QuadSPI flash has a maximum clock rate of 50MHz. The data sheet that I managed to find online, though, suggests that the same flash may be clocked instead at up to 108MHz. Can you tell me if the 50MHz rate listed on the reference manual page for the Arty is a typo that should really read 108MHz, or if there is some other reason the flash clock is limited to 50MHz? Thanks, Dan P.S. If anyone is interested in this project and its progress, let me know. If you'd like, I could even open up a project and/or blog at OpenCores for it ... Either way, I intend to share things in the Project Vault once they work.