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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, Managed to reprogram the JTAG-HS3 by accident, when it was connected together to the PC with another FTDI product that was meant to be reprogrammed. Vivado and Vitis does not recognize the cable anymore. Cannot find the original eeprom content anywere on the NET too. Could some one please help with this problem?
  2. Hi,im using zybo for communication,is there any method to generate speech using hph out(output port) without taking anything from line in of zybo,. can we generate a sentence from storing ascii of charcter in memory? or is there any other method to do so without giving input from mic? is it even possible through it?
  3. SufSam

    Pmod wifi

    Hi, I have two problems regarding wifi 1- I am trying to connect the pmod wifi to an arduino uno. I looked for a library, the best I could found is the WiShield . Clearly, this library is for the WiShield but I thought because they use the same wifi chip as the pmod wifi this could work. However, after I manage to compile the library (I attached the working library after some minor modification in order to for it to
  4. Good evening, My Openscope at the beginning worked regularly both as a agent and in wifi. One day he stopped working, but after a few attempts he has resumed regularly. Now I am again in the same condition, the device is not responding and when the connect on the USB port is not even seen the com. LED 4 flashes continuously and I also tried to send it to boot mode, the com is not seen the same. What can I do? Best Regards and thanks! Alfredo
  5. After successfully creating and running the Microblaze example project on my Nexys4DDR, I went on to create the project that walks through how to use the various Pmods. I followed the instructions carefully, and succesfully generate the bitstream and export the HW including bitstream. The SDK launches fine as well. However, when I go to create the new empty application, I receive the following error, "Project cannot be created. Reason: Internal error". When I click on "Details>>" I read the following: Internal Error: Failed to closesw "D:/Projects/FPGA/IPMod1/IPMod1.sdk/pmods_bs
  6. Hello, I have an Analog Discovery and I recently installed WaveForms version 3.3.5 (I actually found it a bit ambiguous how to install WaveForms. I attached an image below of the files I downloaded from Digilent. All I did was click and drag the framework into the corresponding directory and likewise for the application. Then I ran the driver installer). I am running Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.5 on my Mac laptop. When I look under the USB device tree in System Information I can see "Digilent USB Device" but when I open up WaveForms it alerts "No device detected". Would anyone kno
  7. Hello, I want to start using FPGAs. At this moment I have no board but I am hoping to get one soon. Yesterday I installed the Vivado WebPack edition 2015.4. Currently I want to learn how to use the Software. I have seen some Tutorials on the Digilent Wiki. So I wanted to install some board files to use with Vivado. Somehow I can not get them to be displayed on the 'Create New Project' wizard. I downloaded the board files and put the folders ( arty,nexys_video,nexys4 ... ) into: E:\Xilinx\Vivado\2015.4\data\boards\board_files. When I start a new project I enter a name at the first pag
  8. Does anyone happen to know how to do labs 7.5.1 and 7.5.2? Having difficulty on basically the whole thing. And if any one happens to know where a solutions manual is if they can share that that would be fantastic.