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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone! I just install a NetFPGA-SUME and I am not sure if it is ok. I followed the getting started guide in, however, something went wrong apparently... In the Section IV: NetFPGA-SUME First Power Up, I followed the steps, but, after turning on the power switch (SW1) it says I should see Power LED (LD10) and DONE LED (LD4) turn on immediately, however I only see the Power LED (LD10) on... in red. The DONE LED is off. In the next step... When I connect USB to my computer I can see a new USB serial device attached [ 13.194737] usb 3-1: FTDI USB Serial Device converter now attached to ttyUSB1 However, when I try to connect, terminal does not respond (I'm using putty to connect /dev/ttyUSB1). Any clue about what is happening? I tried it with the card connect to my server PCI and also stand alone. Also connecting 2x4 and 2x3 PCI express auxiliary power connectors. Thank you in advaned!
  2. 1/1/2015: Fixed: I completely forgot about Jumper 3. 12/31/2014: Hi all, I'm a FPGA newbie so I'd appreciate it if you'd tell me I'm doing something incredibly dumb. I attempted to power on my Nexys4 board for the first time today after reading Digilent's Nexys4 Reference Manual: Original plan was to run the built in self test. Problem is my board would not power on. I need your help to troubleshoot. I did two things: 1. I plugged in the USB-UART cable into my laptop. The laptop recognized the USB driver and downloaded driver files. So the USB controller works, however nothing on the board lights up. I configured Jumper 1 to be in SPI mode and pressed the PROG push button. Nothing. No response from the board at all. 2. I plugged the board into the wall using Digilent's 5V switching power supply that's sold as an option w/ the Nexys 4. I slid the power switch to ON. LD22 did not power on. Pressing PROG with Jumper 1 configured to SPI yielded no response which is expected at this point. I'm assuming right now the board is dead though I had ordered a brand new board and I took it out of the package only a few days ago to compare w/ the reference manual. Tonight was my first attempt to power the thing on. I'm wondering if I did something stupid. Would appreciate everyone's inputs. Much thanks!