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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone I work for car seating company in the UK and we are having an issue with our operators not fitting a specific set of screws. There for I took on the project of making an inductive pen which the operators would need to use in their process to check if the screws are present. However this presented another issue that the operators would then proceed to use the inductive not on the screws but on another piece of metal which they would just tap 4 times to cheat the test. This has led me to find out if it would be possible to develop a positioning system that detects where the pen is and will only let the pen activate once in four different locations to ensure that its detecting the screws and not some other piece of metal. so what products from diligent would allow me to detect position and only allow the inductive pen to activate in specific positions via PLC. I don't have much knowledge on this topic as I've only been an apprentice engineer for 8 months so explanations are very much welcome. below I have attached a very very simple diagram of the setup we have for the inductive pen including the 4 positions it'd need to locate. thanks, Joel
  2. Hi, I noticed a strange behavior in the Logic tool, if i "Save" this workspace (notice Position: 475,6 us, Base: 116 us), And i save, close and open that same workspace again , i got this result; (notice Position: 472 us, Base: 236 us) Ik know its not a major / big problem i only try to improve things. Thanks in advance, Hans