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Found 6 results

  1. Hi im trying to interface pmod wifi on zybo board, i followed the instructions in youtube video tutorial for pmodwifi but i dont have AXI_GPIO LED in xparameters.h How i can add pin led and switch to AXI_GPIO if they are not defined in xparameters.h . do you changed that?? im using Vitis2019.
  2. Hi im beginner on vivado, i have some troubles to interface the pmod wifi on zybo board. have you any tutorial how to do that on zybo board ?? thanks for your response
  3. Tells me PmodWIFI is packaged with board value arty and to update my basys3 to the arty. I am confused. Well hang on a second. It finished generating a bitstream and I see no critical warnings in the project summary. In fact if I tell vivado to discard user generated messages in the messages window, the project has no indication of critical warnings at all. Still confused but closer to my goal.
  4. hello, I am new to designing with pmod wifi. I want to send audio files from pc to the zybo via pmod wifi and then process it then play it via output port. is it as easy as that example showed here? Bests, Meysam Sh.
  5. Hi everyone, I am working on the tutorial of the Pmod Wifi (found here and I don't really understand the role of the Pmod SD. From what I saw, in the tutorial, the Pmod SD is used to hold the static HTML pages that are then loaded in the browser. I would like to try something simpler, basic Wifi communication, and I wanted to leave out the Pmod SD IP from the block design, but then I got critical warnings at the bitstream generation. No problems arise when the Pmod SD IP is added, though. So I was wondering, is there a more important
  6. Hi, Can someone please let me know if the PmodWifi provided in this link- can be interfaced with Zedboards. I am planning to use Microblaze and build LwIP TCP raw stack on it. But I can see PmodWifi uses Microchip's MRF24WG0MA wireless chip, which according to their datasheet can be interfaced only with PIC Micro-controllers. I am a bit confused. Can someone please shed some light on me ? Thanks Goutham