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Found 13 results

  1. Hi Everyone! I need help using the following pmodi2s2 module: - I want to use it to sample audio data from microphone only. So, I've added the i2s receiver IP into my block diagram (attached) and run block automation. Following is the documentation of the IP core I used: - The following is a reference manual for the above mentioned PMOD module: -
  2. I'm trying to get the Pmod Color module for the Zynq z7-10 to work but it doesn't appear to be on. I was following along the instructions from these sites: and I have it connect to the device as such on the board's JA port: Following along with the first link, I skipped the steps where a clock and interrupt were added as the data sheet shows that the Pmod Color IP does not requi
  3. Hi Im using Zybo 7020 Vivado/Vitis 2020 and i have some errors on Vitis when i compile the hw platform. "Running Make libs in ps7_cortexa9_0/libsrc/PmodGYRO_v1_0/src" make -C ps7_cortexa9_0/libsrc/PmodGYRO_v1_0/src -s libs "SHELL=CMD" "COMPILER=arm-none-eabi-gcc" "ASSEMBLER=arm-none-eabi-as" "ARCHIVER=arm-none-eabi-ar" "COMPILER_FLAGS= -O2 -c" "EXTRA_COMPILER_FLAGS=-mcpu=cortex-a9 -mfpu=vfpv3 -mfloat-abi=hard -nosta rtfiles -g -Wall -Wextra" make[2]: Entering directory 'C:/Users/NZT/workspace/Gyrotest/zynq_fsbl/zynq_fsbl_bsp/ps7_cortexa9_0/libsrc/PmodGYRO_v1_
  4. Hello, I am Raghu, doing my Master Thesis. I am using Zedboard to emulate few sensor's signals. I have already implemented DA1 and AD2 on to Zedboard and connected in the loop. They both work perfectly fine. But next step was to implement DA4 in my design, and I didn't find any drivers for the same. So I tried using normal AXI SPI IP in the hardware design for DA4 and tried to develop my own driver (considering DA1's driver as an example). All the initialization part works perfectly fine and the communication also takes place as per DA4's datasheet. But when it is asked to send data, it i
  5. Hello, I have recently purchased Zedboard along with Pmods AD1 and DA4. I want to implement Gradient Descent algorithm in the Zedboard using these Pmods with bandwidth more than 100 kHz. To get started, I tried to regenerate a analog signal using the Pmods AD1 and DA4. The experiment is completely explained with block design and output plots in the ADC_DAC_1_compressed.pdf. The SDK C code for acquistion and generation (adc_dac.c) as well as for finding max. working speed of DAC (dac_maxv.c) are atttached. The ADC clk is set to 20 MHz and DAC clk is to 50 MHz. It could be observed fro
  6. vlad

    Pmod Step without ip?

    Where is the IP for the Pmos step ? The motorfeedback folder doesn't contain a pmod . Those 2 projects that I found don't have designs .If I try to update their Vivado version a popup comes and tries to download latest version of Vivado even if I use the last one.
  7. Hello I am working on a project for creating Demos using the DSDB and PMODs inputs. The sensors I am using does not show much information how to write/read basic data. I would like to send the data then receive/read the sensor data. See the sensors I am using. (PmodGYRO2) (Pmod ALS) (Pmod ACL2) Any information about the routines for reading the sensor woul
  8. I've been trying to run a OLEDRGB display on my Arty, using the sample pMod learnable and Vivado on my new machine. It had worked perfectly on my old machine, but unfortunately on the new machine I'm getting some issues with the clocking - it's running roughly 1000 times slower (I checked) than it actually should be. I get some critical warnings when I try to make a bitstream: [Common 17-55] 'get_property' expects at least one object. ["/home/wanderso/Tools/VivadoProjects/ARTY_Display_Attempt_2/ARTY_Display_Attempt_2.srcs/sources_1/bd/system/ip/system_PmodOLEDrgb_0_0/ip/PmodOLEDrgb_axi_qu
  9. After successfully creating and running the Microblaze example project on my Nexys4DDR, I went on to create the project that walks through how to use the various Pmods. I followed the instructions carefully, and succesfully generate the bitstream and export the HW including bitstream. The SDK launches fine as well. However, when I go to create the new empty application, I receive the following error, "Project cannot be created. Reason: Internal error". When I click on "Details>>" I read the following: Internal Error: Failed to closesw "D:/Projects/FPGA/IPMod1/IPMod1.sdk/pmods_bs
  10. Hello, Iam new working with ZYBO. I would like to how to access the PMODs in the ZYBO. For example connecting a LED in one of the PMOD and blinking it. Iam using Vivado 15.2 Version. Thanks in advance, With Regards, Dev
  11. Hello All, I am new to these forums, but I am looking for some guidance on a home design I am working on. I have 2 Nexys2 boards that I want to attach transceivers to each of them so I can send data between the two Nexys2 boards. Does anyone know of any solution available to accomplish this. I know the Nexys2 boards are old, but I own 2 of them and it will save me money to use them versus buying 2 new Xilinx FPGA boards to accomplish this task. Please advise if anyone is aware of possible solutions for this task. Thanks Sincerely, MH301
  12. i work whit pmod that producted whit maxim company , maxim company get me a file project for pmods in this link but in this project every pmod port on zedboard luanch alone , i want two port pmod work together can you help me ??
  13. Can we use Basys2 Pmods (GPIOs) for serial communication with outside world...? I want to implement a UART code on Basys2 board and want to use one of the Pmods (GPIOs) as Tx and Rx pins to establish a serial communication with outside world.. Can I do that..?