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Found 4 results

  1. MoGamaal

    Display Variables

    I want to know how to display variables on PmodOLEDRGB from Sensors via artix-7 kit in vhdl
  2. Hello, My name is Cristina and I have a question regarding the connection of PmodOLEDrgb to Zedboard platform. I tried putting the PMOD on different connectors, but it only works on JB. I added the vivado-boards and vivado-library packages. I looked at the pin assignment from the Zedboard Hardware reference manual and noticed that, for instance, for JA1 and the PMOD the pins are differently mapped(Table 1). I tried to do the mapping like in the manual, but it still doesn't work. PmodOLED pins Zedboard Hardware Reference Manual Vivado I/O Planning (put automatically when adding PmodOLEDrgb IP) JA1 Y11 Y11 JA2 AA11 AA8 JA3 Y10 AA11 JA4 AA9 Y10 JA7 AB11 AA9 JA8 AB10 AB11 JA9 AB9 AB10 JA10 AA8 AB9 Any idea of what I'm doing wrong is more than welcome. Best regards, Cristina
  3. I've been trying to run a OLEDRGB display on my Arty, using the sample pMod learnable and Vivado on my new machine. It had worked perfectly on my old machine, but unfortunately on the new machine I'm getting some issues with the clocking - it's running roughly 1000 times slower (I checked) than it actually should be. I get some critical warnings when I try to make a bitstream: [Common 17-55] 'get_property' expects at least one object. ["/home/wanderso/Tools/VivadoProjects/ARTY_Display_Attempt_2/ARTY_Display_Attempt_2.srcs/sources_1/bd/system/ip/system_PmodOLEDrgb_0_0/ip/PmodOLEDrgb_axi_quad_spi_0_0/PmodOLEDrgb_axi_quad_spi_0_0_clocks.xdc":51] That warning appears in 5 other places as well. Digging a bit deeper, I found this critical warning in the tcl process- CRITICAL WARNING: [IP_Flow 19-4965] IP PmodOLEDrgb_axi_quad_spi_0_0 was packaged with board value ''. Current project's board value is ''. Please update the project settings to match the packaged IP. Putting these two things together, I *think* it indicates that the pMod IP files I have are for Zybo, and I'm supposed to have the version for Arty? But I used the most recent board files and ip/ifs from Digilent's github. Could anyone help me with this?
  4. Hi,I tried to make the tutorial "Getting the PmodOLEDrgb to work on Zybo" available on the website to work for Zedboard. When I program the FPGA and run the application nothing gets displayed on the OLEDrgb Pmod.Are there any setup steps that need to be done?I have no error messages and no warnings.Best regards,Cris