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Found 5 results

  1. It seems like I have a problem with understanding the values I am getting from the accelerometer and gyroscope. First of all, it is stated that the IMU is using a left-handed coordinate system where Z is directing upwards. (as mentioned here page number 10 However, I get +1 in the Z direction when the board is standing still ? I thought I should get -1 as the accleration is in the negative direction ? I thought that the sensor may be flipped upsi
  2. Hi, i am a newbie and need help regarding the control system that i am doing at the moment. I try to connect PmodNAV with Arduino UNO and followed this tutorial: Unfortunately, i get this error: "PmodNAV_ArdUNO:31: error: 'LSM9DS1' does not name a type". I already installed the required version of Arduino (1.6.9) as they said newer version might come with the compatiblity issue. Can anyone help me regarding this problem? Thank you very much for your time on considering my problem.
  3. Hello! I am started to create an application with Vivado 18.1 on Cmod A7 board with microblaze and 2 Pmod NAV IP. I downloaded these from Digilents's repository. After I successfully generated the bitstream from the hardware design, I exported and launched the Vivado SDK. I got the following error: 14:51:02 ERROR : (XSDB Server)ERROR: [Hsi 14:51:02 ERROR : (XSDB Server)55-1550] Repository Directory C:/Users/L1/Documents/vivado_projects/project_x/project_x.sdk/szstem_wrapper_hw_platform_3/drivers doesn't exist in the disk 14:51:02 ERROR : Failed to openhw "C:/Users/L1/Documents/vivad
  4. Hello, I am using Arty board attached to 2 peripheral modules (PmodSD and PmodNAV) to write navigation data to SD card. To do so, I am combining the C example codes provided on Github for each module, and simplified it a bit which is attached. My problem is that each one of the modules are working fine individually with their own code, as long as the other Pmod is not initialized in the C code, but when I am using them at the same time it destroys my output to terminal and writes zero to both terminal and SD card. I am suspicious that the issue is because PmodSD and PmodNAV are both
  5. Hi, i am here with a few questions.I own a CmodS6, pmod Nav and pmod Bluetooth. I configurate the S6 with a microblaze mcs (the lowest brother of microblaze because of space in S6) and i want to create a SPI comunication to PmodNav but i dont know how, everything a tried doesn`t work . Also i found some libs. for nav but is still to big for fitting in S6. (Working in ISE Desing)