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Found 2 results

  1. Hi - I've recently purchased a PMODI2S which I'm trying to use with my Tiva LaunchPad TM4C123G. The TM4C123G doesn't doesn't have I2S, but TI has a good document of how it can be emulated using dual SPI's. I've setup the PMODI2S inputs as follows: Pin 1 (MCLK) - Sending a 6.25 MHz 50% duty cycle signal from the TM4C123G to the PMODI2S Pin 2 (LRCLK) - Sending a 24.4141 KHz 50% duty cycle signal from the TM4C123G to the PMODI2S (This is 1/256th of 6.25 MHz) Pin 3 (SCK) - I have hooked up to my logic analyzer and see no signal output Pin4 (SDIN) - I do not yet have this hooked up to anything Pin 5 (GND) - Hooked up to the GND pin of my TM4C123G Pin 6 (VCC) - Hooked up to the +3.3V of my TM4C123G After reading the PMODI2S reference manual it's my understanding I should be seeing an output signal from the PMODI2S on the SCK pin. Can anyone confirm my understanding is correct? Thanks.
  2. Hi, I'm a beginner to work with hardware. From my study, PmodI2S can play 4/8/16KHz 16-bit stereo audio, but I would like to check with you the expert. Could you confirm it? Thanks, Steve