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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, i just bought a PmodBt2 ( ) the RN42. What i want to do is to use a Zedboard with PmodBT2 to capture all bluetooth packets that are being transmitted nearby and then analyze them using the PL and PS, so far I've managed to make the model in vivado ( thanks to some help from this forum ) but I'm unable to tell is this project is going to work from now on because I can't find a way to configure the module in this manner based on the documentation and reference manuals (
  2. Hi, I have a RISC-V design implemented on the Genesys2, with a UART that currently works through the USB-UART microUSB port, which just uses the uart_rx and uart_tx lines. I would like to send the UART output through the PmodBT2 to my Mac instead (connect via "screen" command in a terminal). From the Nexys 3 FPGA reference design, I believe I should connect the my uart_tx port to RXD pin on the PmodBT2, and uart_rx to TXD. I have done this and programmed the FPGA, and also established a connection to PmodBT2 from my Mac. However, when I run a hello world, I don't see any output in my term
  3. I'm using Pmod BT2 module connected with NI myRIO via UART serial. Can I connect Pmod BT2 with Wii remote controller? I guess Pmod BT2 has master mode so if there is a way to pair module with controller, I can control myRIO using Wii remote controller. Please let me know if anyone knows about the way. Thank you.
  4. Hi, I recently purchased the pmodbt2 bluetooth interface module and tried interfacing it with the Atlys board. I used the GPIO demo bit file which was given in the forum for verification (after modifying it), but I was not able to see the output in the terminal software (Teraterm). I followed the instructions given in the demo, but I was not able to see the output; are there any specific changes I need to make in the module or in the terminal software? Can someone help me out with this? Ishan
  5. Greetings, I am working on a project that involves transferring data over Bluetooth using the PmodBT2 on a Zybo board. I have downloaded the IP for the pmod and right-clicked the JA connector on the 'Board' tab in Vivado, thus adding the PmodBT2 on the block design. However, synthesis yields the following error(s): [IP_Flow 19-4965] IP PmodBT2_axi_uart16550_0_0 was packaged with board value ''. Current project's board value is ''. Please update the project settings to match the packaged IP. I suspect that communic
  6. Hello, I am trying to configure an RN-42 PmodBT2 module using puTTY following these steps: { $$$ SM,2 SR, MAC ADDRESS C, MAC ADDRESS } the MAC ADDRESS refers to the address of the device I want the module to connect to it. When I enter the command C, MAC ADDRESS, I get an error, ERR-Connected. and if I entered GF to know the address of the last connection I get a random address starts by 088EDB -its not the address of my laptop either-. Another problem is that if I tried to disconnect the device using K, ADDRESS the command window hangs and I ha
  7. Hello, I am using a Nexys 3 FPGA and the PmodBT2 for a university project. I am eventually going to transmit my custom data processed by the FPGA but for now I am trying to get the Bluetooth working. I downloaded and configured the PmodBT2 example from this website HERE but I can't seem to get it to work. I am using an Android phone with BlueTerm and I am having issues connecting my phone to the PmodBT2. I can successfully pair the devices, however I cannot get them to connect to each other, and therefore when I push the buttons or use the switches on the Nexys 3 board I do not see anythi