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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I bought the Nexys 4 ddr and the pmod oled (Pmod OLEDrgb: 96 x 64 RGB OLED ) display. I'm trying to display ascii text on the PMOD using the microblaze. I've gotten this up and running to the point where I can display lines etc... In looking at your resource center I still can't figure out how to print characters. How does this process work? I've figured out you need to define the characters in a "font" array and it looks like you use 5 bytes to create a 5x7 grid and the 1's determine what pixels are on there for allowing you to create the character. I'm confused as t
  2. Firstly I am NOT using Petalinux, I am building my own kernels, I have the pmod OLED working via a standalone application and now I am working on getting it accessible under Linux. The Vivado device tree generator does not create a spi entry for the OLED in the dts files. Can I get an example of what I need to add to the kernel dts file so I can access the pmod OLED from Linux via SPI. Thanks Laurence
  3. Hi, I'm trying to get the Pmod OLED to work with the PIC24F32KA302, I've used the template file and modified all the register appropriately but I cant get the display to work. It turns on and always display garbage when I try writing to it and even clear the OLED doesn't seem to work, the display does respond to SPI command but just the displays different just pixels. any thoughts on what might be wrong, I can post some code if it helps.