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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I am designing a project in which I need to register the input from a 4x4 matrix KeyPad (this model) and to do so I have written the following VHDL test code: library IEEE; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_1164.ALL; entity Display is Port ( selected : in std_logic; Row_Vector : in std_logic_vector(3 downto 0); Col_Vector : in std_logic_vector(3 downto 0); display_code : out std_logic_vector(6 downto 0); display_ctrl : out std_logic_vector(3 downto 0) ); end Display; architecture Behavioral of Display is signal Displayed : std_logic_vector(3 downto 0); begin process(Displayed) begin case Displayed is when "0000" => display_code <= "0000001"; -- "0" when "0001" => display_code <= "1001111"; -- "1" when "0010" => display_code <= "0010010"; -- "2" when "0011" => display_code <= "0000110"; -- "3" when "0100" => display_code <= "1001100"; -- "4" when "0101" => display_code <= "0100100"; -- "5" when "0110" => display_code <= "0100000"; -- "6" when "0111" => display_code <= "0001111"; -- "7" when "1000" => display_code <= "0000000"; -- "8" when "1001" => display_code <= "0000100"; -- "9" when "1010" => display_code <= "0000010"; -- a when "1011" => display_code <= "1100000"; -- b when "1100" => display_code <= "0110001"; -- C when "1101" => display_code <= "1000010"; -- d when "1110" => display_code <= "0110000"; -- E when "1111" => display_code <= "0111000"; -- F when others => display_code <= "1111111"; end case; end process; process(selected,Row_Vector,Col_Vector) begin if selected = '0' then Displayed <= Row_Vector; else Displayed <= Col_Vector; end if; end process; display_ctrl <= "1110"; end Behavioral; I have attached all the source code for my test, which includes a button debouncer (U18 button), which I push to show the value that I read from the A14,A16,B15 and B16 pins for the rows and A15,A17,C15 and C16 for the columns of the KeyPad. For example: when there are no cables connected to the row pins and I have not pushed the button, the value read from the row pins is shown in the 7-Segment display, which is "1111" (F). This means that when I connect a cable on any of the pins, a '0' is written at the input pin. If I connect a cable at the first row pin, the value read is "1110" and E is displayed. Following this logic, when I connect a cable to the second row pin and I leave the other ones disconnected, it should be displayed D ("1101") but instead 8 is displayed, which corresponds to "1000", which would mean that I have row 1, row 2 and row 3 cables connected, which is not the case. What could be the problem here? My main problem is to undestand how to communicate the keypad with the Basys3 FPGA
  2. Dear MembersI am working on Petalinux 2015.4 and ZedBoard, I am trying to connect a CF Card through USB OTG, but the device doesnot gets registered and won't show up in /dev and I cannot mount it. Kindly help me in this regard.Regard
  3. SMatt

    Linux Gadget

    Hi all, I'm new in this world and I hope someone could help me in this issue I'm working on a project in the Uniersity where I would like to use the Zedboard as UVC device to stream video from FPGA to the host. I'm able to build, configure and run the kernel from SD but I'm having some problem to connect the Zedboard as peripheral mode and to detect it as UVC gadget. In particular I've configured the kernel to act in peripheral mode following this instruction : To let the Zedboard act as gadget I started from this guide and then I configured the kernel for USB Webcam gadget enabling these option: <*> USB functions configurable through configfs [*] USB Webcam function <*> USB Gadget Drivers (USB Webcam Gadget) At the end of building kernel process I have the g_webcam.ko and the libcomposite.ko modules. After that I boot the linux on the Zedboard and I tried to load the modules with insmod command but having this issue: Welcome to Linaro 12.11 (GNU/Linux 4.9.0-xilinx-25595-g68e6869-dirty armv7l) * Documentation: [email protected]:~# cd / [email protected]:/# ls bin dev home lost+found mnt proc run selinux sys usr boot etc lib media opt root sbin srv tmp var [email protected]:/# cd home [email protected]:/home# cd linaro [email protected]:/home/linaro# ls examples.desktop g_webcam.ko g_zero.ko libcomposite.ko [email protected]:/home/linaro# insmod libcomposite.ko [email protected]:/home/linaro# insmod g_webcam.ko insmod: error inserting 'g_webcam.ko': -1 Unknown symbol in module [email protected]:/home/linaro# I also tried to connect the Zedboard to a Windows host and obviously nothing succeed. Could someone help me please? Thanks. -Mattia
  4. I finished booting linux on zybo with linario file system and I m trying to user the user space and kernel drivers to controle LEDs and get input information from peripheral buttons , gyroscope, accéléromètre and a bluetooth So I wonder if I have to insert gpios déclarations in zynq-zybo.dts and compile a new devicetree.dtb !! this are some screanshots from my zybo terminal :
  5. Kindly I need to know the difference between host and peripheral in the Pmod interfaces. Thanks