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Found 13 results

  1. We are using the PYNQ-Z1 for the development of a new product and need the supporting hardware design files. I have not been able to find the BOM, or electronic version of the schematics or PWB, on the website. It appears the design was done in Altium, which is what we use. Is it possible to download these files or have them sent to us?
  2. Hello, We are looking at evaluating the Nexys video board for a new electronics platform for our company. I was wondering, are the source files for PCB layout design available to customers? Also what is the operating temperature range of the board? Thank you, DB
  3. TireV

    Cmod S6 - Multilayer?

    Hello all together, I'm working on a CmodS6 board for my university course right now. It'd be helpful to now something about the layer design of the Board. I assume it's a multilayer PCB, so at least 1 layer between front and back side, but can anyone tell me something more about it? e.g. common ground plate yes/no? Hope these information are not somehow confidential or protected, then never mind my question :) Thanks for any input!
  4. First of all, I wish greet a eveone because I am new in this forum. I bought a Openscope a few weeks ago and today when I am going to work with it, I could not connect to it and also I realised that PCB got very hot. So, I googling and found this thread, where Jasper van Hoorn describes my same trouble. I would like you advice what i can do to resolve the trouble. Thanks!! -- José Emilio
  5. chm

    A7-35T LVDS pins

    Hello there, we are trying to use the A7-35T in an LVDS application, but it seems that the pin assignment on the DIL is not optimized for that, the differential pairs are in general not located close to each other. Does anyone have a PCB printout so that we could choose those LVDS pins (we need only two pairs) that are the least badly routed? Any experiences perhaps? thanks christian.
  6. I used Nexys Video Board for image processing via HDMI Interface. And now i need to make small this board. For this work, I drew the schematic based on the Nexys Video Board's schematic. But i'm a beginner in this field, so i couldn't find exact information to some element. Those elements are this: 1. What does Foot and SHIELD in schematic Sheet 1 means? 2. Some pins could not find the pin connected together Those pins are this: - HDMI_RX_PEEN in Sheet 6 - PROG_ pins on BANK 14 in Sheet 10 (PROG_RDN, PROG_WRN, PROG_D0/SCK, PROG_CLKO, PROG_TXEN, PROG_D3/SS, PROG_D1,MOSI, PROG_SPIEN, PROG_D6, PROG_RXEN, PROG_SIWUN, PROG_D2/MISO, PROG_D7, PROG_D5, PROG_D4) - T3 pin on BANK 34 in Sheet 11 3. There are elements that can't know exact name. - HDMI connect in Sheet 5. (There is comment written HDMI-47151 but i found similar devices: 47151-0001, 47151-1001 etc.) - All of Registers, Capacitors, Ferrite Beads, Jumpers, Switches and LEDs. Because I don't have experience about pcb design, I can't find exact element so i want to see BoM of Nexys Video Board
  7. Hi, I just noticed that there's Rev G version of the schematic and after comparing with Rev F, realizing that the one I have is F, and it's missing a few resistors, caps and a gate. Is there any place I can find out what and why is the changes made? Possibly also how to make such mod on existing Rev F.
  8. Hi, I got my OpenScope last week and I have not been able to connect to it. I noticed the PCB getting extremely hot really fast around the IC14 component (next to the Jumper). I cannot touch it, that's how hot it gets. On the IC14 there is a text: RFR 17-33. Looks like a power regulator. I tried to connect using the following devices / OS / different USB cables and always get some sort of message like: "Unable to connect to device", “unable to communicate with device”, “Agent Could Not Connect To Device” - Desktop running Windows 7(64), Chrome, Waveforms Live Version 1.0.6, Digilent agent 1.0.1 - iMac running OS X El Capitan, Safari, Waveforms Live Version 1.0.6, Digilent agent 0.3.6 - Laptop running Windows 10(64), Chrome, Waveforms Live Version 1.0.6, Digilent agent 1.0.1 - Laptop running Linux Mint, Chrome, Waveforms Live Version 1.0.6, Digilent agent build from source according to your manual I am able to choose USB ports within the Waveformslive page for all tried OS. So within the “Device Manager” as you call it. (The name “Device Manager” got me a bit confused in the beginning, windows also has a device manager). Within the Windows Device manager the USB port also shows. The Linux agent that looks for a connected USB device confirms for a short period that a device is connected but then disconnects. Windows 10 gives me a sound when connecting / disconnecting the usb cable. Personally I think my OpenScope is damaged / has a broken / shorted component. As I said the PCB (IC14 area) gets really hot (when the jumper JP3 is in the “prog” state) and I am a bit afraid to connect it to a long period of time to any of my computers thinking it will blow up my usb ports. When connecting the OpenScope the LEDs LD5 and LD6 flash shortly, so some sort of power gets on the board. I’ve also been reading other comments within the forum. Some sort of state change (boot mode?) using the “prog” and “reset” buttons has no response. Please advise what else to troubleshoot. I could also measure some voltage / resistance if you give me some values. If we agree that my OpenScope is broken, how do I get a new one and get the old one to return to you? Regards, Jasper (OpenScope backer)
  9. Hello ! We are designing a high-speed bus on a PCB interfacing the Arduino/Chipkit GPIO pins onboard the PYNQ-Z1. Inorder to maximize the signal integrity parameters, we would like to optimize the trace lengths in our board based on the trace information and the layer stackup details of the PYNQ board. It would be really kind if someone from Digilent could share this valuable information to assist our optimization. Regards, r4d
  10. Hi- I'm currently designing an interface board to the VHDCI connectors provided on the Genesys dev board (SKU 410-138). The schematic design doc is avalable on the resource link to the Genesys board, however not the PCB design doc. Where can I get a copy (i.e. PDF format) of the Altium PCB gerber files for this dev board? It will help me by providing guidance to design a reliable PCB with proper signal integrity by following similar layout/routing strategies. Additionally, the Genesys datasheet should have included application notes with PCB recommendations. Cheers, Emanuel
  11. Hi , I am trying to make an adapter board for ZYBO. The adapter board is used to interface a camera sensor module to the Pmod connector. Can anyone help me to get the PCB layout and Mechanical details for the ZYBO board.? Thanks in advance,
  12. One platform I find and wanna recommend to you is, where designers can upload their DIY boards for sale Publishers earns a commission when their designs are being sold through the manufacturing partner. Support the the open hardware designers by buying PCBs, DIY kits and assembled boards here.It is a new part on that platform but sounds pretty great. Details here--> Another, I create a new website that gathers some good and useful platform for PCB or Electronic designers, especially for newbies. Details here--> You can find the elec-related parts on it, such as electronic forum, some cheap and great PCB manufacturers, most used PCB software,etc. This site is made very simple but hopefully be useful for new beginners and save your time to surf on line by search engines. I will be appreciate if you can leave any comment here.
  13. Jnadin

    Jtag HS3

    Hi All, I am having issues using the JTAG HS3 with my PCB that uses zynq 7020 chip. I have tried using it with zc702 and zedboard and these seems to work however plugging the device into my board the device is not found. I am guess there is something I have missed when designing the board. I have the lines pulled high to 3V3 which then go to the FPGA. Is there any thing else I need to consider for the PCB to work with this device? was anyone able to design a board that had this JTAG working? Kind Regards, J. Nadin